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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

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  1. Table of Contents • What is My.KU? • Koç University My.KU Site Menu and Contents

  2. What is My.KU? • An extended version of My.KU • Data sharing space • “Internal” and “common” platform for employees and students • Platform to collect all information and documents of the University; to control “common” data requirements

  3. Koç University My.KU Site • Koç University My.KU site is designed and structured as,

  4. Koç University My.KU Site Map

  5. What Data Can You Access from Home Page? Useful Links KUAIS, SGKM, Announcements StudentClubActivities (On December) My Colleagues KU Blog Campusinfo Resources E-Mail Services My.KU TechnicalContent EventCalendar • A space containing mostly used information and with high communicative value! KU in the Media

  6. Home PageDo You Know These? • You can find My Colleagues from home page • You can access to files within My.KU from “My.KU search” button • You can follow daily news about University and other universities from “KU in media” section • You can follow Events and Announcements from daily and monthly calendar (for your announcements to be broadcasted via Intranet tick the My.KU button at on web calendar!) • You can access daily food menu, shuttle and driver information, taxi information from “Campus Life” menu

  7. About Koç University History Board of Trustees, Coordination Committee CorporateInformation University Identity Guide Such as Letterhead, Logo and usage areas, presentation slides etc. Catalogue and Promotional Film What Data Can You Access from About Menu? • The page containing all information about Koç University!

  8. What Data Can You Access From Social Responsibility Menu? • You can access all information about social responsibility activities of Koç University from “Social Responsibility” menu. • Our goal for this menu is to update this space continuously with data coming from you; to make it an ever-growing and renewed KU CSR platform via Ülkem için Engel Tanımıyorum ve other CSR Projects. CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

  9. What Data Can You Access From Resources Menu? All procedures andforms (HumanResources, Procurement, CIT, Library, VPAA, VPRD, Dormitories ) Openstaffandacademicpositions. • The page you can access to related procedures and forms!

  10. What Data Can You Access From Campus Life Menu? • Via Campus Life menu, you can access to related persons of all departments under General Secretary; all information such as catering, equipment, shuttle, security, facilities management, organizations and events etc.

  11. What Data Can You Access From Corporate Links? Koç University Web site StudentCouncil KUAIS Library SGKM Track it