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Tvalx Math Software

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Tvalx Math Software

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Tvalx Math Software

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  1. Tvalx Math Software Math for everyone

  2. offers wide variety of math programs starting with Math Center Level 1 for students studying pre-calculus and ending with first in the world Quadruple and Quintuple Integral Calculators.

  3. Somewhere in 1990s I bought Texas Instrument TI-92. I was quite impressed by that calculator. It handled math formulas and computed derivatives and integrals. But sometimes it was slow and had a small screen.

  4. Desktop computers at that time were quite powerful with big screens. But the software on the market for power computers was surprisingly week. The major math software producers offered programs with overcomplicated user interface and capabilities just comparable to TI-92.

  5. Thus I decided to create software with following features: • Simple and clear user interface • Standard design through product line • Portability at least for Windows PCs

  6. The following product lines were created: • Math Centers for students studying calculus • Real number calculators • Complex number calculators • Derivative calculators • Taylor series calculators • Integral calculators • Double integral calculators • Triple integral calculators • Quadruple integral calculator • Quintuple integral calculator

  7. Math Center Level 1 is a collection of simple and handy calculators including 2D graphing calculator .

  8. Math Center Level 2 has a number of advanced calculators including Parametric and Polar 2D graphing calculators.

  9. Real calculators Real calculators range from Compact Scientific Calculator 27 suitable for any Windows PC to powerful Scientific Calculator Precision 90 for scientists.

  10. Complex calculators Complex calculators range from Complex Calculator Precision 18 for students to powerful Complex Calculator Precision 45 for scientists.

  11. Derivative Calculators Derivative Calculators for now range from Derivative Calculator Level 1 to Derivative Calculator Real 45. Complex derivative calculators are in mind. And will be published soon.

  12. Taylor Calculators Taylor Calculators range from Taylor Calculator Level 1 to Taylor Calculator Real 45 .

  13. Integrals Integrals are the objects where computing power is necessary. Tvalx offers a range of quadrature and integral calculators from Quadrature Calculator Level 1 for students to powerful Quadrature Calculator Precision 90 for scientists. ∫f(x)dx

  14. Double Integrals Tvalx was first to offer Double Integral Calculator Level 2 with precision up to 15 digits and with functional boundaries. Wolfram Alfa just followed and offers 6 digits. ∬f(x,y)dydx

  15. Triple Integrals Tvalx offers Triple Integral Calculator Level 2 for students and Triple Integral Calculator Real 15 for scientists. ∭f(x,y,z)dzdydx

  16. Quadruple integrals Tvalx first in the world offered quadruple integrals calculator. Wolfram Alfa about two years cannot finish its widget for quadruple integrals. And this is with support of Google and Samsung. ⨌f(x,y,z,w)dwdzdydx

  17. Quintuple Integrals Tvalx first in the world offered quintuple integrals calculator. No competitors yet. ∫∫∫∫∫f(x,y,z,w,u)dudwdzdydx