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Welcome to the Magnolia Library PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Magnolia Library

Welcome to the Magnolia Library

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Welcome to the Magnolia Library

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  1. Welcome to the Magnolia Library The BRCC Magnolia Library is committed to providing quality information service. Our aim is to help prepare our students to achieve their personal and professional goals through higher education. We are committed to lifelong learning, and provide our students with the best in services and facilities. Students, faculty, staff, and the community at large are encouraged to take advantage of what we have to offer. The Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion is home to the Magnolia Library, as well as the Academic Learning Center, the Magnolia Performing Arts Theatre and the intimate Black Box Theatre. This tour will give you an overview of the resources available in the BRCC library in the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion. Welcome to the BRCC Magnolia library, we hope you enjoy this tour.

  2. The Information Desk The Information Desk is the first thing you'll see when you enter the library. This is where you'll go for answers to quick questions like, “Where is the Testing Center?” or “Where do I go to get a student ID and parking pass?” The librarian or student worker will be happy to answer your questions or to direct you to someone who can give you the information you need.

  3. The Staircase Past the gates, across from the Information Desk, is the staircase to the library. To proceed to the second floor, you may either take the staircase in front of you or the elevators located to the right of the Information Desk.

  4. The Service Desk This is where you'll go to check out, return or renew library materials. Materials may also be renewed in the My Account tab in the Online Catalog if they are not overdue. We also have headphones and graphing calculators available for student checkout, and faculty may consult a librarian to find out about other available items. The service desk is also where you can find expert help from a librarian. The librarians staffing the desk will be able to help you get started on your research and help you find what you need in our collection. Don't be afraid to ask; it's their job to help you!

  5. Checking Out Materials The amount of time that circulating materials may be checked out is 3 weeks for books, and 1 week for DVDs and videos. All patrons must present a valid BRCC ID to check out library materials. DVDs and videos may be viewed in the library after checkout. Just ask at the Service Desk!

  6. Reserve Items Reserve items such as textbooks, lab books, videos, etc., are located behind the second floor Service Desk. They can be checked out for 3 hours, and may only be used in the library.

  7. Periodicals Moving into the library, you'll see a number of low shelves. This is our current periodicals area. Periodicals include journals and magazines, as well as newspapers and other material that comes out periodically. Our periodicals are for in-library use only. Current issues are on the display shelves with the older volumes located beneath. Some older copies have been bound, and are up in the stacks on the third floor.

  8. DVDs Our DVD collection includes movies and documentaries that relate to coursework here at BRCC. We have a number of popular movies available for checkout as well.

  9. Copying & Printing On each floor, by the elevators, is a copy and printing alcove. Both floors of the library have a copier and printer available. Copies and printouts cost 10 cents per page. The black box, called the Nuvision networks (NVN) machine, attached to the wall located to the right of the elevators, can be used to add money to your card by putting in dollar bills. Students receive money on their BRCC ID during the first two and a half weeks of the semester for printing, with full time students receiving $10 on their cards. The copy machine accepts dollar bills, change, or money that you yourself have added to your BRCC ID card.

  10. For Your Safety If there is a security situation where personal safety is threatened, don't hesitate to pick up the nearest RED phone. These phones will connect you directly to security. You will find BRCC's Emergency Procedures by each red phone. In case of emergency, you are reminded to use the stairs and follow the directions of the building's safety officer.

  11. The Reference Collection The Reference Collection is directly adjacent to the Reference Desk. It contains materials that provide quick information on a broad variety of topics. Shelves immediately behind the reference desk contain general encyclopedias like World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica. Reference, like the rest of our collection, uses the Library of Congress Classification System. These books have information that will provide quick answers, and need to be available for everyone's use, so they are only available for in-library use.

  12. Study Rooms Behind the glass doors in the back of the 2nd floor is the Magnolia Library's Special Collections area. There are four study rooms on the 2nd floor are located in the Special Collections area. Study Rooms are great places to work on team projects or when you need some uninterrupted study. You may reserve any of the study rooms by presenting your BRCC ID at the service desk on the 2nd floor.

  13. Archives A large portion of our special collections space is devoted to our Archives. The Archives contain newspapers, official documents and other records pertaining to the founding and history of BRCC.

  14. Special Collections – Earle Collection We are proud to have in our possession the Carville V. Earle Collection. Dr. Earle was a former chair of LSU's Department of Geography and Anthropology. His donation of over 2100 books, journals, maps and manuscripts stems from his belief in and his desire to help build the community college system.

  15. Multicultural Children’s Resource Collection (MCRC) The Muticultural Children’s Resouce Collection is located at the back of the second floor, behind the periodicals area. This collection contains a large number of books for young children. Many of these books are bilingual, as the collection’s main focus is on books written in English and Spanish.

  16. Office of the Dean & Administrative Offices The Administrative Offices are centrally located on the second floor, between the stairs and the elevator, near the reference desk. In these offices, you can find the Offices of the Dean and the Associate Dean.

  17. 2nd Floor Study Area The 2nd floor has a significant amount of study space, adjacent to Reference and with computer terminals nearby. There are several tables available for individual or group study. An adjustable table for students who are wheelchair users is located near the computer terminals. After going through the study area, you can proceed to the third floor by the stairs located against back wall. Or you can take the elevators are located in front of the Service Desk.

  18. 3rd Floor Study Area The 3rd floor is a great place to study. It's a quiet place to complete your research - with either our circulating or online collections!

  19. Library Computer Lab At the far side of the library, near the windows, is the Open Computer Lab. This area is available for patron use any time the library is open. The staff at the 3rd floor service desk can provide help with the copiers and printers, as well as online registration and instruction for using Blackboard, e-mail and Microsoft Office.

  20. 3rd Floor Stacks The 3rd floor houses the main circulating collections of the library. This collection is referred to as the "stacks." Most materials available for checkout are shelved here. They are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification System, and may be looked up in our card catalog. The third floor is also the Magnolia Library conference room and the Freedom Shrine - a collection of reproductions of important documents from United States history.

  21. Thank You For Visiting the Magnolia Library! Thank you for taking the Magnolia Library Virtual Tour. We hope this tour has helped to familiarize you with the library and the library services we offer. If you would like more information about the Magnolia Library, our collection, or the services we offer, visit us at the Reference Desk, or visit our web page. You can always ask us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you need fast answers, call us at the Reference Desk and for help with any question: 225-216-8555.