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Happy Birthday!

Unit 8 When is your birthday?. Happy Birthday!. 元旦 春节 妇女节 愚人节 劳动节 儿童节 建军节 教师节 国庆节 万圣节 圣诞节. New year’s Day Spring Festival Women’s Day April fool’s Day Working People’s Day Children’s Day Army’s Day Teachers’ Day National Day Hallowmas Christmas. -What day is today?

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Happy Birthday!

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  1. Unit 8 When is your birthday? Happy Birthday!

  2. 元旦 春节 妇女节 愚人节 劳动节 儿童节 建军节 教师节 国庆节 万圣节 圣诞节 New year’s Day Spring Festival Women’s Day April fool’s Day Working People’s Day Children’s Day Army’s Day Teachers’ Day National Day Hallowmas Christmas

  3. -What day is today? -It’s Monday. -What’s the date today? -It’s December 6th. (December the sixth) acalendar

  4. months of the year

  5. July Ja nua ry spring Fe brua ry Au gust M ar ch Sep tem ber Summer Oc to ber A pril No vem ber May De cem ber Autumn June Winter

  6. J-F-M-A-M-J J A S O N---D

  7. Let's chant! F, F, February. M, M, March and May. S, S, September. O, O, October. N, N, November. D, D, December. A, A, April and August. J, J, January, June and July.

  8. Spring Festival (春节)is in _________ or _______. • Tree Planting Day (植树节)is in _______. • Mother’s Day is in ______. • National Day (国庆节)is in ________. • Teachers’ Day is in ________. January February March May October September

  9. December April • Christmas Day is in _________. • April Fool’s Day (愚人节)is in ________. • Children’s Day (儿童节) is in ________. • Students have summer holiday(暑假) in _____ and _____. • Allhallows(万圣节) is in _________. June June July November

  10. January • ___________ is the 1st month of the year. • ___________ is the 2nd month of the year. • ___________is the 5th month of the year. • August is the ______ month of the year. • October is the_________ month of the year. February May eighth tenth

  11. January is thefirst month of the year. January is the1st month of the year. May is thefifth month of the year. May is the5th month of the year. ______is the eighth/8th month of the year. August ninth/9th September is the month of the year. December is the ___________month of the year. twelfth/12th

  12. first-1st second-2nd third-3rd fourth-4th fifth-5th sixth-6th seventh-7th eighth-8th ninth-9th tenth-10th eleventh-11th twelfth-12th thirteenth-13th fourteenth-14th fifteenth-15th sixteenth-16th seventeenth-17th eighteenth-18th nineteenth-19th twentieth-20th twenty-first(21st) twenty-second(22nd) twenty-third(23rd) twenty-fourth(24th) twenty-fifth(25th) twenty-sixth(26th) twenty-seventh(27th) twenty-eighth(28th) twenty-ninth(29th) thirtieth(30th) thirty-first(31st)

  13. 基数词 序数词 序数词缩写 基数词 序数词 序数词缩写 one first 1st sixteen sixteenth 16th two second2nd seventeen seventeenth 17th three third 3rd eighteen eighteenth 18th four fourth 4th nineteen nineteenth 19th five fifth 5th twenty twentieth 20th six sixth 6th twenty-one twenty-first 21st seven seventh 7th twenty-two twenty-second 22nd eight eighth 8th twenty-three twenty-third 23rd nine ninth 9th twenty-four twenty-fourth 24th ten tenth 10th twenty-five twenty-fifth 25th eleven eleventh 11th … twelve twelfth 12th thirty thirtieth 30th thirteen thirteenth 13th thirty-one thirty-first 31st fourteen fourteenth 14th forty fortieth 40th fifteen fifteenth 15th fifty fiftieth 50th

  14. 基数词变序数词顺口溜 • 二 三变字体, • th从四上起. • 怎么加?真好记! • 八加h,九减e • 用f代ve,ty变为tie

  15. 6. twelfth 7. twentieth 8. thirty-second 9. fifth 10. forty 1. September 2. February 3. ninth 4. fourteen 5. one thousand two hundred and ninety-nine

  16. November 22 写作:November 22nd/November 22 读作:November the twenty-second

  17. Read the dates: January the first March the eighth August the second September the tenth July the third February the twelfth October the twentieth December the twenty-fifth

  18. 8 月 6 月 9月 2 12 20 -What’s the date? -It’s … 4 月 1月 10月 9 19 31

  19. When is New year’s Day? It’s January 1st. When is Women’s Day? It’s March 8th. When is Labour’s Day? It’s May 1st.

  20. When is Children’s Day? It’s June 1st. When is Teachers’ Day? It’s September 10th. When is Christmas Day? It’s December 25th.

  21. When is New Year’s Day(元旦)? It’s January 1st. When is Women’s Day(妇女节)? It is March 8th. When is April Fool’s Day(愚人节)? It’s April 1st. When is Working People’s Day(劳动节)? It’s May 1st. When is National Day(国庆节)? It’s October 1st. When is Christmas Day(圣诞节)? It’s December 25th.

  22. When is National Day? It’s October 1st. It’s our country’s birthday. When is my birthday? My birthday is March 8th. It’s in March.

  23. A: When is your birthday? B: My birthday is March 8th. A: How old are you? B:

  24. When is your birthday? How old are you? February 1st May 3rd July 22nd August 15th

  25. Name: Sally Age:7 Date Of Birth:March 21st A:When is Sally’s birthday? B: Her birthday is March 21st. Name:Tina Age:13 Date of Birth: January 5th

  26. Name:John Age:11 Date Of Birth:November 12th A: When is John’s birthday? B: His birthday is November 12th. Name:Mike Age:21 Date Of Birth:June 3rd

  27. Nick hissweater Nick’ssweater

  28. Dad his tie Dad’s tie

  29. Mr Yu his jacket Mr Yu’s jacket

  30. Robert his shorts Robert’s shorts

  31. Jane her dress Jane’s dress

  32. Leila her hat Leila’s hat

  33. John hispants John’spants

  34. teachers’ It’s a _________ room.

  35. women’s They are ____________ coats. woman women

  36. Jim Tom Anna Anna is _____________ mother. Jim and Tom’s

  37. Nick and Robert’s desk Nick Robert Nick’s and Robert’s desks

  38. a friend of my daughter’s two friends of my daughter’s

  39. 1. 蒂娜的生日晚会 2. 杰夫的排球 3. 约翰逊和维拉的手表 4. 男式夹克 5. 露西和莉丽的房间 6. 陈和王的爷爷 7. 我爸爸的一个老师 8. 今天的报纸

  40. Tina’s birthday party • Jeff’s volleyball • William’s and Vera’s watches • men’s jackets • Lucy and Lily’s room • Chen’s and Li’s grandfathers • a teacher of my father’s • today’s newspaper

  41. 2c listen and match the names,months and days. Namemonth date Leila July 4th Nick August 22nd Robert January 5th Jane September 17th

  42. -When is your birthday? -My birthday is … -When is your mother’s birthday? -Her birthday is … -When is your father’s birthday? -His birthday is …

  43. Ask three of your classmates about their birthdays and ages. When is your birthday? How old are you?

  44. Edison Feb.11,1847 Lu Xun Nov.25,1881 Li Siguang Oct.26,1889 Newton Dec.25 1642 Curie Dec.7 1867 Nie Er Feb.14 1912

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