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How to get a customized cake online? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get a customized cake online?

How to get a customized cake online?

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How to get a customized cake online?

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  1. How to get a customized cake online? Every celebration is special. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or baby, all are different and unique for every person. Why shouldn’t the celebrations be made unique too? There are several elements that can be added to any celebration to make it unique. A customized cake is at the top of this list. Getting an over-the-top, glamorous and beautiful cake is everyone’s dream. This dream is fulfilled by many bakeries that allow you to get a customized cake. From the way the cake looks to it’s flavor, everything can be customized to suite your needs. You can order customized cakes online as well.

  2. However, there are a few key points you need to keep in your mind before you order a customized cake online. Depending on the size and flavor of the cake you want, you might need to preorder.Whilemost cake shops have a collection of cakes for immediate delivery, find a cake that is more than 1Kg is not possible.Mostbakeries keep readymade cakes upto 1Kg and that too in flavors that are most popular.

  3. A fondant cake also takes time. The fondant needs time to dry. To order such a customized cake online, you need a picture of the cake and order a few days in advance.

  4. 3d cakes have also become very popular. A 3d cake is usually a single or more tiered cake with an edible 3d figure on the top.  These can be anything. Go to  to get an idea about 3d cakes and order your customized cake online. 3d cakes also need time as they are works of art and while you can order one online, it has to be beforehand.

  5. There are other elements on a cake that you can get if you want to order a customized cake online. You can opt for a photo cake or just have a special message piped onto the cake for a simpler custom option.  Custom-cakes that can be ordered online are a great gift or a surprise.  Especially if you aren’t in the same city or just not able to attend a celebration, custom-cakes are the sweetest wishes that can be delivered to someone.   Head to Deliciae bakery to make your gift extra special.

  6. Head to Deliciae bakery to make your gift extra special. They even curate customized gift boxes of deserts according to your needs. Along with their sumptuous cakes, you can even add on a special message, a few macaroons or choose from the available products.

  7. On the day of your celebration, the last thing you want is the hassle of travelling, especially in Mumbai traffic, to get your cake. You have to extra careful while transporting a big custom cake like a wedding cake or a 3d birthday cake. It is best to let the professionals handle this aspect as well.

  8.  This is also why ordering cakes online is the easiest option. It is easy and efficient. Deliciae cakes has been in the bakery business for quite some time and has already catered to celebrities and well-known businessmen. Go to and order your own cake online and from the best!

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