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Ing. Civil Ingles o Idioma extranjero I

Ing. Civil Ingles o Idioma extranjero I. Elaborado por: Ing. Edson Rodríguez. Contents. FUTURE FORMS. 1. Present Continuous. 2. Going To . Will . 3. Simple Present . 4. Present Continuous. Used for planned or personally scheduled events

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Ing. Civil Ingles o Idioma extranjero I

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  1. Ing. CivilIngles o Idioma extranjero I Elaborado por: Ing. Edson Rodríguez

  2. Contents FUTURE FORMS 1 Present Continuous 2 Going To Will 3 Simple Present 4

  3. Present Continuous • Used for planned or personally scheduled events • Usually used with principle verbs sucha as: come, go, begin, start, finish, have.

  4. Examples • He is coming tomorrow afternoon • What are we having for dinner

  5. Going to • Use for future predictions based on physical evidence • E.g • Oh no,look at the clouds. It is going to rain

  6. Used to express future plans or intentions • E.g • Frank is going to study medicine • She is not going to buy the new house afterall

  7. Will • Used for predictions • It will rain next week • Brasil will win the world cup in South Africa

  8. Used for scheduled events • The concert will begin at 8 • When will the bus depart?

  9. Used for promises • I will help you with your homework after class • I will get you a job next year

  10. Used for offers • I will make you a hot dog • We will help if you want

  11. Used in combination with time clauses • As soon as • When • Before • After • She will telephone as soon as _____ arrives

  12. Simple Present • Used for scheduled public events such as train and plane shedules • The class begins at 12:35 • The plane leaves in 45 minutes

  13. Common Future Expressions • Next (week, month, year etc..) • Tomorrow • In 2 (weeks, months) • Soon • Later

  14. Prepositions for future • At (time, noon, and night) • The train arrives at 5 pm • On (days, dates, christmas, easter) • She will come on June 3, 2011 • In (Months, seasons, times of a day) • He will study in the morning

  15. Adverbs of time • This afternoon (evenning, night) • Tonight • Tomorrow (morning, afternoon etc..) • The day after tomorrow • Next(week, month, weekend, semester) • On(Monday, Friday)

  16. Certainty of future . Im going to fish tomorrow I will fish tomorrow Im fishing tomorrow Present Continuous Going to Will and Simple Present

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