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Internet2 Mary Kratz, MT(ASCP) Program Manager, Internet2 Health Sciences PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet2 Mary Kratz, MT(ASCP) Program Manager, Internet2 Health Sciences

Internet2 Mary Kratz, MT(ASCP) Program Manager, Internet2 Health Sciences

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Internet2 Mary Kratz, MT(ASCP) Program Manager, Internet2 Health Sciences

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  1. Internet2 Mary Kratz, MT(ASCP)Program Manager, Internet2 Health Sciences AAOS New Orleans, LA 5 February 2003

  2. Internet2 Mission • Develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet. • Enable new generation of applications • Re-create leading edge R&E network capability • Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

  3. Today’s Internet Doesn’t • Provide reliable end-to-end performance • Encourage cooperation on new capabilities • Allow testing of new technologies • Support development of revolutionary applications

  4. Internet2 Universities201 University Members, October 2002

  5. Leadership • University presidents/chancellors are the voting representatives • Strong Board of Directors • Advisory councils with board seats • Applications Strategy Council • Network Planning and Policy • Network Research Liaison • Industry Liaison Council

  6. Internet2 Partnerships • Internet2 universities are recreating the partnerships that fostered the Internet in its infancy • Industry • Government • International

  7. History Internet2 NGI Federal agency-led University-led Developing education and research driven applications Agency mission-driven and general purpose applications Building out campus networks, gigaPoPs and inter-gigapop infrastructure Funding research testbeds and agency research networks Interconnecting and interoperating to provide advanced networking capabilities needed to support advanced research and education applications

  8. Internet2 Corporate Partners

  9. Europe-Middle East ARNES (Slovenia) BELNET (Belgium) CARNET (Croatia) CESnet (Czech Republic) DANTE (Europe) DFN-Verein (Germany) GIP RENATER (France) GRNET (Greece) HEAnet (Ireland) HUNGARNET (Hungary) INFN-GARR (Italy) Israel-IUCC (Israel) NORDUnet (Nordic Countries) POL-34 (Poland) RCCN (Portugal) RedIRIS (Spain) RESTENA (Luxembourg) SANET (Slovakia) Stichting SURF (Netherlands) SWITCH (Switzerland) TERENA (Europe) JISC, UKERNA (United Kingdom) Americas CANARIE (Canada) CEDIA (Ecuador) CUDI (Mexico) CRNET2 (Costa Rica) REUNA (Chile) RETINA (Argentina) RNP2 (Brazil) SENACYT (Panama) Asia-Pacific AAIREP (Australia) APAN (Asia-Pacific) APAN-KR (Korea) APRU (Asia-Pacific) CERNET, CSTNET, NSFCNET (China) JAIRC (Japan) JUCC (Hong Kong) NECTEC / UNINET (Thailand) SingAREN (Singapore) TAnet2 (Taiwan) International MoU Map

  10. Abilene NetworkCore Map, October 2002

  11. Abilene Network Logical Map

  12. Abilene International PeeringOctober 2002

  13. Download of “The Matrix” DVD

  14. Healthcare in the Information Age

  15. What does Internet2 mean to medicine? • High bandwidth, low latency applications • Augmented Virtual Reality • Enable human interaction ‘presence’ • Secure access to information and computational resources

  16. The Scope of the Internet2 Health Science Workgroup includes clinical practice, medical and related biological research, education, and medical awareness in the Public.

  17. Grand Challenge: National Health Information Infrastructure Organism(person) Organ Tissue Cell Protein Atom& organ systems (1m) (10-3m) (10-6m) (10-9m) (1012m)Systems models Continuum models (PDEs) ODEs Stochastic models Pathway models Gene networks Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, Software Frameworks, Databases, Networking, Grids Courtesy: Peter Hunter, University of Auckland

  18. Partnerships Serve as a Catalyst • Direct Visualizations • Data Collection/Integration • Data Mining (BioGRID) • Device intercommunication • Haptic Immersion • Advanced sensors • Augmented dexterity • Wireless Data Collection • Economic models for reimbursement realities

  19. Security and Privacy Guidelines

  20. Orthopaedic Surgery Working Group

  21. “If you want a second opinion, call up my website.”

  22. More Internet2 Information • On the Web • • • Email • Mary Kratz, Health Sciences Program Manager ( • •