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PYP EXHIBITION Parent Information PowerPoint Presentation
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PYP EXHIBITION Parent Information

PYP EXHIBITION Parent Information

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PYP EXHIBITION Parent Information

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  2. What is the Exhibition? A culminating project for the PYP program A collaborative inquiry that students have a personal interest in exploring An inquiry that requires students to apply their leaning from previous years An experience that uses essential elements of the PYP A celebration of who our students are as learners

  3. What is the Exhibition?

  4. Transdisciplinary Skills Students must use the PYP transdisciplinary skills such as Communicative skills Social skills Research skills Self- management skills Thinking skills

  5. Students should show… IB Learner Profile PYP Attitudes

  6. What Will The Topic Be? The interdisciplinary theme will be : How We Organize Ourselves. The unit of inquiry will be : Careers Ideally, students should have a high interest in the topic The topic should inspire students to take positive action

  7. Exhibition Steps

  8. How much time do students spend on the Exhibition? The students started brainstorming ideas and thinking about Key concepts in January. The students will then spend 6 weeks working on their inquiries from January to February The students will still have math, literacy, Russian, math and Kazakh lessons during the Exhibition time but the majority of each day will be used working on the Exhibition.

  9. What about Exhibition Homework? The students should use their time at home to research and prepare for the work in class. The actual work should be done in class so the teacher can keep track of progress.

  10. The Role of Parents

  11. How can Parents Support? Ask your child about the Exhibition Support and encourage your child Provide background knowledge Help to locate resources: places, books, people, media, information Celebrate with your child by attending the final presentation and the Exhibition.

  12. Develop Critical Thinking Ask your child open-ended questions about their project Let them solve their own problems Let them be responsible for their own learning Encourage independent inquiry and respect student’s ownership of the process. Monitor, challenge, question, clarify

  13. Assessment & Evaluation

  14. Questions