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  2. What is Mango? - MANGO is a prestigious multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing garments and accessories for women. MANGO opened its first shop in 1984 on Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona, Spain) - Nowadays is the second export company of spanish textile sector.

  3. Their business dream “To be present in every city in the world”, Without losing their values that are a basic part of Mango: harmony, humility and human warmth.

  4. Where can we find MANGO? Nowadays, MANGO has 247 own shops around the world

  5. And 512 franchises TOTAL: 768 MANGO shops

  6. The future And forecast to 2009 is that this company will continue growing with more shops in new countries

  7. Main products MANGO is characterised by offering fashion for the young, modern and urban woman. It has its own design which adopts the latest fashion tendences and is presented in 3 differentiated lines: - Casual Sport - Suit - Jeans Furthermore, all the lines in MANGO collection can be combined with different accessories like shoes, bags, belts, costume jewellery and other products which are made by MANGO

  8. Manufacture process • Mango hasn’t any factories and all of its designs are subcontracted to extern suppliers who are responsible of the manufacture process. • It works with “Just in Time” system, because it wants to have only the necessary goods at the adequate time. This is the reason for subcontrating the garments as near as urgent is the order.

  9. Production Systems There are two different production systems in this organisation: The first of these consists of designing a product, outsourcing its manufacture and acquiring it when it is complete. In this case, suppliers are in charge of buying all the primary materials for production. In the second system they also design the garment but, in contrast to the above, Mango acquires all the primary materials used to make the garment, and later send it to the supplier for production.

  10. Their main goal is that each shop have what it’s necessary in each moment having the minimum stock. They make sure that goods are modernized frequently, while clothes are produced according to the market request rate. Everyday, information is processed and then they replace clothes or make goods trades between their shops. Mango’s main tool is an informatic software that makes possible to manage the difficult design, purchase, manufacture, sale and post sale processes automatically.

  11. President Executive Vice-president Managing Director Manager Board Assistant Design Manager Board Assistant Management Manager Board Assistant IS Manager Board Assistant Sales Organizationational Structure

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