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Puget Sound Starts with You PowerPoint Presentation
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Puget Sound Starts with You

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Puget Sound Starts with You

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Puget Sound Starts with You

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  1. Puget Sound Starts with You

  2. Take Away: Three Things YOU Can Do toRestore Puget Sound

  3. The Bad News: Polluted Runoff http://www.hugg.ca/stormwater-pollution-014722.php

  4. Polluted Runoff is “death by 1000 cuts” to Duwamish & Puget Sound According to Department of Ecology, approximately 14 million pounds of pollutants. http://www.sightline.org/research/pollution/res_pubs/stormwater.pdf

  5. What Makes the Puget Sound Sick? 14 Million Pounds of Pollutants EACH YEAR • Petroleum • Fertilizers • Pesticides • Copper • Lead • Mercury • Zinc • Phthalates • Paint • Bacteria • Plastics

  6. How Does the Water Flow?

  7. Salmon Species of Concern: Puget Sound Coho Salmon http://blog.nature.org/2009/11/nature-photo-of-the-week-spawning-coho-salmon/

  8. Orcas / Killer Whales Endangered Species: Southern Resident Killer Whales http://www.fws.gov/endangered/news/bulletin-summer2009/killer-whale-recovery.html

  9. Human HealthFish & Shellfish Unsafe to Eat

  10. Economic Impact http://www.statejournal.com/story.cfm?func=viewstory&storyid=48710 http://water.epa.gov/aboutow/ownews/archive/csnews23.cfm http://www.djc.com/news/en/11180914.html

  11. The Good News

  12. Seven Simple Actions Pick up Pet Waste Properly Dispose of Waste Use Car Wash Facilities Instead of Washing Cars on Driveways Walk, Bike and Ride Public Transit Plant and Protect Native Evergreens Practice Natural Yard Care Keep Water in Your Yard with Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, and Porous Surfaces

  13. 1. Pick Up Pet Waste Create a Poop-Free Puget

  14. 2. Properly Dispose of Waste http://www.ci.loveland.co.us/publicworks/Stormwater/StormwaterQuality.htm EXAMPLES • Oil • Synthetic Fertilizer • Pesticides • Solvents • Paint • Cleansers • Antifreeze • Batteries

  15. Properly dispose of paints, pesticides, batteries, cleaning products… etc. http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/index.asp

  16. DUMP NO WASTEDRAINS TO SOUND • Participate in, or organize a stormdrain stenciling event in your neighborhood • Go to http://www.seattle.gov/util/ - Services - Stencil a Storm Drain, to volunteer

  17. Report Pollution • State Emergency Response (either a spill in progress or an oil/hazardous chemical sheen on surface water (streams, lakes, bays, sound) 1 (800) OILS-911 • City of Seattle Drainage Complaint Line (stormwater and surface water problems within city limits: (206) 684-7587 • Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Hotline (Non emergency, monitored during business hours): 1 (800) 42-PUGET

  18. 3. Use Car Wash Facilities

  19. 4. Walk, Bike and Ride

  20. Hydrocarbons from Exhaust and Oil

  21. Ride with Spokespeople • Ride your bike with experienced riders • Learn how to bike safely and comfortably for commuting and recreating in the city • Look at the Sustainable West Seattle Calendar for the next the next group ride

  22. 5. Plant and Protect Native Evergreens www.greenseattle.org

  23. Native Trees Madrone Douglas Fir

  24. Native Trees Western Hemlock Western Red Cedar

  25. Native Shrubs Salal Pacific Rhododendron Purchase plants by species name when possible. For Native plants list by photo check http://green.kingcounty.gov/GoNative/Photo.aspx?Act=browse

  26. Native Shrubs Evergreen Huckleberry Sword Fern

  27. Volunteer with Restoration Efforts

  28. 6. Practice Natural Yard Care Build healthy soil with compost and mulch Plant right for your site Practice smart watering Think twice before using pesticides Practice natural lawn care

  29. Build Healthy Soils Without Synthetic Chemicals http://www.abundantfuture.co.uk/2008/12/08/feeding-the-soil-to-feed-ourselves/

  30. Bioremediation

  31. Compost & Woodchips Woodchips Available At: Burien Bark, or Dirt Exchange in Ballard Organic Compost Available At: West Seattle Nursery, or E-Green Landscaping in Delridge

  32. Online Resources The Garden Hotline http://gardenhotline.org/ (206) 633-0224 • Plant care recommendations • Safe, natural solutions for pests & plant diseases • Water conservation methods • Natural lawn care solution • Composting advice King County Natural Yard Care Resources http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/naturalyardcare/index.asp

  33. 7. Keep Water in Your Yard Permeable Pavement http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/pacificnw/2004103861_pacificplife06.html Rain Garden http://www.eot.state.ma.us/smartgrowth/07toolkit/lid/regional_planning/LID/permeable_paving.html

  34. Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s) http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/ehs/toxic/cso.aspx

  35. Raingardens Act as Sponges https://rainwise.seattle.gov/

  36. Example Rain Gardens Rain gardens installed in Puyallup by Stewardship Partners

  37. SUCCESS! Seattle’s Street Edge Alternatives Project (SEA Streets) 99% Reduction of volume of stormwater pollution using LID (aka Green Stormwater Infrastructure) http://www.lowimpactdevelopment.org/qapp/biotrans_home.htm

  38. High Point Natural Drainage System http://www.seattle.gov/util/About_SPU/Drainage_&_Sewer_System/GreenStormwaterInfrastructure/NaturalDrainageProjects/HighPointNaturalDrainageSystem/

  39. Rainwater Collection http://www.seattle.gov/parks/scc

  40. RainWise Learn More About How to Keep Water On-Site Through RainWise Resources Include PDF’s Rain Garden Handbook Building Rain Gardens Maintaining Rain Gardens Installing Cisterns Reducing Pavement Planting Trees Improving Soil with Compost Rock-filled Trenches Materials & Suppliers Plant Lists https://rainwise.seattle.gov/

  41. Vision A Puget Sound where citizens enjoy robust salmon, orca, and shellfish populations that support our economy and our well-being. http://www.barkleyadventurestation.com/ http://www.stewardshippartners.org/prog_lid.html http://news.softpedia.com/newsImage/6-Amazing-Things-About-Killer-Whales-Orcas-2.jpg/

  42. What Three Things Can You DoTo Restore Puget Sound? Pick up Pet Waste Properly Dispose of Waste Use Car Wash Facilities Instead of Washing Cars on Driveways Walk, Bike and Ride Public Transit Plant and Protect Native Evergreens Practice Natural Yard Care Keep Water in Your Yard with Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, and Porous Surfaces

  43. Brought to you by the volunteers of Sustainable West Seattle Stormwater Group Core Team: Kimberly Leeper Steve Richmond Norma Tompkins Katie Humphries Cate White, Project Manager James Day Bryan Fiedorczyk Joanne Hedou Gene Homicki

  44. Additional Resources • "Poisoned Waters": Elliott Bay polluted runoff (Hedrick Smith) 4 minutes http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/frontline-poisoned-waters-sneak-peek-2-pbs/16806257