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ACFEA Hampton Roads Starting the Old Dominion University Student Chapter

ACFEA Hampton Roads Starting the Old Dominion University Student Chapter. Mary Yager, AFEA Hampton Roads Education & Scholarship. Concept Education Summit 2011 Presentation about/by AFCEA Student Organizations Provided Networking between Students & Industry

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ACFEA Hampton Roads Starting the Old Dominion University Student Chapter

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  1. ACFEA Hampton RoadsStarting the Old Dominion University Student Chapter Mary Yager, AFEA Hampton Roads Education & Scholarship

  2. Concept • Education Summit 2011 Presentation about/by AFCEA Student Organizations • Provided Networking between Students & Industry • Participated in Parent Chapter Activities • Briefed the AFCEA HR Board of Directors (BOD) to Determine Interest in Starting an Old Dominion University (ODU) Student Chapter • Researched AFCEA International Requirements • Researched Requirements for Recognition by ODU for Student Organizations

  3. AFCEA International Guidelines • The purpose of Student Chapters is to provide students the opportunity for knowledge sharing and discussion of various aspects of communications and information technology among themselves and, through affiliation with active AFCEA Chapters, with AFCEA members who are professionals in the field, both in industry and government. • The Student Chapters will support AFCEA’s overall mission of providing an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge in the fields of communications, IT, intelligence, and global security. In addition, students can gain valuable insight and be better informed regarding their eventual transition from student to working professional. • Complete Student Chapter Charter Application • 1 Faculty Advisor • Minimum of 10 Student • Chapter Funding to Support the Student Chapter • Responsibility of the AFCEA Parent Chapterto Ensure Guidelines are Followed

  4. ODU Guidelines • Complete “Application for Recognition” • Signed by minimum of 10 Students • 1 Faculty Sponsor • Membership Open to all ODU Students • No Discriminatory Practices Based upon Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Age, Veteran Status, Disability, Political Affiliation, or Sexual Orientation • Comply with all ODU Policies • Understand Point System and Meet Minimum Standards • Approval of Organizational Affairs Committee and the Student Government Association

  5. Advantages of Being a Recognized Student Organization by ODU • Easier Access/Use of ODU Facilities • Qualify for funding from the Student Government Association • Qualify for .edu website • Publicity of Student Chapter Events • Organization Fairs – “MainStreet” (held in the fall) and the “Spring Organization Fair” (held in spring) provide an opportunity for students to learn about the Student Chapter and for the Chapter to recruit new members

  6. Process • Met with ODU Representative – Jerry Robertson , ODU Business Gateway • Met with ODU Faculty Members to Determine Interest; Dr. Stephen Gordon and Dr. Petros Katsioloudis volunteered to be the Faculty Sponsors • Coordinated with AFCEA International • Met with Students to Generate Interest and Presented: • Overview of AFCEA • Goals of the Student Chapter • Advantages of a Student Chapter • Appointed a AFCEA HR ODU Student Chapter Liaison and Deputy Liaison – Tim Goodrich & Romeo Spino • Held Student Chapter Elections – President is Verlaine Quinniey

  7. Community Outreach

  8. ODU Student Chapter assisted Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Christopher Brogan (Child-Life Specialist) in the holiday Easter egg hunt and toy presentation to several children who participated in the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt event which is coordinated by Christopher Brogan each year. • AFCEA Hampton Roads members Timothy Goodrich (Timitron Corp.), Young AFCEA’n Romeo Spino (Infotec, LLC) and Nathan Watson from the Old Dominion University (ODU) – AFCEA Student Chapter coordinated a special visit with the children and family members currently spending the Easter Holiday season at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia on 6 April 2012.

  9. Navy Medical Center Portsmouth, VA

  10. Washington, DC Visit

  11. Defense Acquisition University • AFCEA-ODU Student Chapter visited the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) at Ft. Belvoir where Mr. Alan Boykin- Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer of National Contract Management Association (NCMA) spoke to the ODU Students about how the procurement and acquisitions process includes all major components of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Mr. Boykin also discussed the "College Hire and College Intern Programs" of the TASC office located at Fort Meade. • Ms. Camylle Coley - Management Analyst for the Learning Capabilities Integration Center at DAU presented a brief on the “Certification and Qualification” guidelines in regards to the DAU workforce and the 28 Technical Competencies and the 10 Professional Competencies of Contracting.

  12. Frank J. Anderson – Brigadier General RET. United States Air Force AFCEA – ODU Student Chapter visited the Small Business & Acquisition office in Crystal Springs and had the privilege to meet at a round table discussion with former President of DAU Mr. Frank J. Anderson Jr. – Retired Brigadier General United States Air Force. General Anderson spoke to the ODU students about the importance of each student to finish their academic career strong and to execute their future goals both professional and personal with passion, integrity and commitment. General Anderson spoke of his career background in United State Air Force and the qualities needed to become a successful leader and how to successfully lead a workforce.

  13. Pentagon AFCEA-ODU Students Chapter ended the day with a personal tour to the United States Pentagon by Mr. Alan Boykin, Ms. Camylle Coley and Mrs. Marcia Richard. ODU Students were exposed to the history and facts pertaining to the four branches of the military (Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps). Additionally, the memorial placed inside the Pentagon near the September 11th crash-site was visited, along with the September 11th Memorial Chapel. The names of all the recipients of the Medal of Honor were seen in the “Hall of Heroes”, as well as an up-close look at an actual Medal of Honor.

  14. Internship Panel Discussion

  15. Industry Internship Panel Discussion • In February, the chapter assisted with the first meeting of the newly formed Old Dominion University (ODU) Chapter. Chapter members were on hand to talk to the students about how AFCEA can help them and how they can give back to the community through the works of the association. Panel members included Steve Kelley, regional vice president; Whit Ludington, chapter president; Mary Yager, vice president for education; Tim Goodrich, chapter liaison to ODU and president of Timitron Corporation; Romeo Spino, Infotec IT Leadership & Training and Verlaine Quinney, Career Management Center of Old Dominion University. • AFCEA Hampton Roads successfully placed several graduating ODU students into internships with industry organizations starting summer of 2012. AFCEA Regional Vice President – Steve Kelley CEO Timitron Corp. – Timothy Goodrich

  16. Questions

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