study on infant maternal death audit in haryana n.
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Study on Infant & Maternal Death Audit in Haryana PowerPoint Presentation
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Study on Infant & Maternal Death Audit in Haryana

Study on Infant & Maternal Death Audit in Haryana

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Study on Infant & Maternal Death Audit in Haryana

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  1. Study on Infant & Maternal Death Audit in Haryana What do you think? Is this study needed? Why is this study needed?

  2. Verbal autopsy is a research method that helps to determine probable causes of death in cases where there was no medical record or formal medical attention given. Verbal autopsy offers a solution to the challenge of generating cause of death information. Introduction

  3. Verbal autopsy asks about signs and symptoms of the deceased person, risk factors and health care seekedprior to death, clarifying social, economic, behavioral, and health system issues that may have contributed to death. This contextual knowledge is invaluable to health care managers, planners, communities, researchers, andpolicy & decision makers. Need of verbal autopsy ....

  4. Process of Maternal and Infant Death Audit In Haryana

  5. Very little motivation of the service providers to conduct sincere audit Case sheets are rewritten (facility based) Supervisory officers tend to protect their subordinates Reviews are more in favour of protecting the service providers rather than finding out the lapses in the provision of care Challenges or gaps in the process(Experience from other states)

  6. Blame is often put on the field health functionaries Non medical causes / contributory factors not identified Timely conduct verbal autopsy at community and facility level Compilation and analysis of verbal autopsy data and review of report at the facility, district, and state level Action taken report Challenges or gaps in the process …(Experience from other states)

  7. Causes of Maternal Death N = 294 Reported Maternal Deaths Source: Dept. of Health & Family Welfare, Haryana, 2012

  8. Current Status of IMR & MMR and compare with mdg goal

  9. Find out challenges and gaps in process of MDR & IDR Back check of existing review reports (verbal autopsies) Corrective measures to conduct and review Maternal & Infant Deaths Study focus