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Microsoft MVP Community Camp PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft MVP Community Camp

Microsoft MVP Community Camp

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Microsoft MVP Community Camp

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  1. Microsoft MVP Community Camp Nigel Parker Director Developer & Platform Group Microsoft New Zealand

  2. hi

  3. Aotearoa

  4. 4,242,048 people

  5. ICT

  6. there are 100,000 of us

  7. 2.4% of the population

  8. delivering $23 billion

  9. 10% of GDP

  10. $23,000,000,000

  11. $5,421 per person

  12. towards a smart, connected and competitive New Zealand

  13. ”Overthe next decade computing will become even more ubiquitous and intelligence will become ambient.” – SatyaNadella, Feb 2014

  14. Our Mission:Enable the development ofindustry-leading applications and services across devices

  15. there are 3,300 Microsoft Partner Companies in New Zealand

  16. transitioning from client/ server software to building apps for devices & services

  17. nimble

  18. start-up businesses run faster as they are unconstrained

  19. Kiwi start-ups are growing up with BizSpark and Windows Azure

  20. $200k of Azure, 264 start-ups in 6 months

  21. Looking ahead: Perception vs Insight

  22. We’re all on a journey

  23. It’s not the beginning • It’s not the end It’s not the beginning of the end • It’s the end of the beginning

  24. Which megatrend wave are we riding? Four megatrends will dominate the next decade Social Mobility Cloud Data

  25. The value of a device is magnified by the services the device consumes and the data the devices generates

  26. Rule: Smart software systems and agents will create (and replace) many jobs.

  27. Rule: Insight can come from your data aggregated with other data

  28. Insight – The Best Result in 100ms

  29. Rule: Data is the new currency.

  30. Data is the new currency “Big Data” is about applying math to huge quantities of data in order to infer probabilities

  31. Causality

  32. Rule: Telemetry will be pervasive

  33. Dirty Data Exhaust

  34. Today’s Noise is Tomorrow’s Insight

  35. Correlation

  36. Netflix’s “House of Cards” House Of Cards U.S. HOUSE OF CARDS BRITAIN DAVID FINCHER DIRECTOR KEVIN SPACEY ACTOR Netflix determined that the overlap of these three areas would make “House Of Cards” a successful entry into original programing.

  37. 2Billion 5Billion 7Billion 50Billion 10Trillion

  38. Internet of Things 3 Engineering re-skilling is needed to manage growing complexity and coupling across HW, SW and Services 1 The next “wave” of computing is about to hit brought on by Moore’s law 2 New value streams are emerging with opportunities in connecting devices & services and data

  39. The next wave of computing Definition of the “Internet of Things” • The network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate, sense and interact with their internal states or the external environment Evolution to the “Internet of Things” Mainframe Mini Computing Client / Server Desktop Internet Cloud & Mobile Cloud & Digital Computing ? Computing Devices Data Management Apps Apps, Open APIs & Big Data Business Logic Apps Process Automation Apps Web Apps Mobile Apps 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s 2020’s Computing Era Institutional computing One device for many users Mass market One device for one user Multi-device computing Many devices for one user

  40. The IoT ecosystem brings new interfaces, sensors and programmable objects – all at a huge scale. Diversity Volume