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Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil To Prevent Dandruff Problem Effectively

This power point presentation describes about ayurvedic hair care oil to prevent dandruff problem effectively<br>

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Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil To Prevent Dandruff Problem Effectively

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  1. Ayurvedic Oil To Prevent Dandruff • Little hair fall is completely natural but if one loses bunch of hairs it indicates problem with scalp that causes hair fall and dandruff. There are many factors responsible for hair fall and dandruff. Some of them are explained below: • Treatments like chemotherapy affect scalp and result in heavy loss of hairs. • Low levels of protein, iron and vitamins in body cause loss of hairs.

  2. Ayurvedic Oil To Prevent Dandruff • Excessive stress disturbs the life cycle of hair that is growth, rest and shed. Hair begins to fall more than normal rate. • Tangling of hair strands due to dryness also results in breaking of tresses from middle length. • Too much of hair wash and also not washing hair often, in both the cases, scalp becomes dry which causes dandruff. • Hormone misbalance and genetic disorders can also be considered for heavy loss of hairs.

  3. Hylix Oil Chronic dandruff can cause acne on face and loss of eyelashes also. One can use Hylix oil which is the best ayurvedic hair care oil that treats the root cause of hair fall and dandruff. Ingredients of this oil nourish the deepest layer of scalp in order give complete relief from the problem of loss of tresses.

  4. Hylix Oil Blood circulation increases in scalp which brings nourishment and oxygen supply continuously towards hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This supports healthy production of keratin which results in increased shine, blackness and thickness to hairs. Growth speed of tresses increases and this helps one to have long healthy hairs.

  5. Hylix Oil Nourishment also improves the scalp condition and prevents dandruff in short period of time. Moisturizationincreases tightness in tissues and grip of follicles on hairs. This prevents detachment of hair roots from scalp. This also reduces the chances of baldness and gives great relief especially to men.

  6. Ingredients In HylixOil • Hylixoil contains the following effective herbs: • Kalonji – This effective ingredient of ayurvedic hair care oil provides strength to follicles and thus prevents complete detachment of hairs along with roots from scalp. This reduces permanent hair loss also that results in baldness. • Shikakai– Cleansing action of this herb effectively clears impurities and harmful particles from scalp. Softness also increases in tresses.

  7. Ingredients In Hylix Oil • Neem– This herb possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties which treat problem of head lice, eczema and infection in scalp. This ingredient also moisturizes scalp to prevent dandruff problem naturally. • Amla – This herb contains high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants which protect cellular activities in scalp from free radicals, prevent graying of hairs, repair damage in scalp and condition hair.

  8. Ingredients In Hylix Oil • Henna – This moisturizing herb present in ayurvedic hair care oil provides conditioning to hair that further prevents dryness in scalp and hairs. This not only adds shine and softness to tresses but also prevents breaking of hairs. • Bhringraj – Rejuvenating action of this herb prevents dullness in cells, tissues, follicles and sebaceous glands. This speeds up hair growth and recovers bald spaces in scalp.

  9. Hylix Oil Use this effective ayurvedic hair care oil for 3 to 4 months to overcome hair problems completely. Regularly massage the hair with Hylix oil before every wash. Eat healthy diet and avoid taking foods and drinks that increase toxins in body.

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