why pre employment screening is so crucial n.
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Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Crucial? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Crucial?

Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Crucial?

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Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Crucial?

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  1. Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Crucial?

  2. Manpower plays an important role in the success of any business. The key to a successful and thriving business is to have a rock solid employee recruitment system wherein special emphasis is given to a candidate’s background. • Pre-employment background checks prove to be an important criterion in the selection of a candidate, and it helps the organization to determine the future potential of an employee as well. A rock solid pre-employment screening system not only helps in preventing instances that could result in lawsuits or other complications, but employee background checks play an important role in the safety of your other employees as well. Safe employees are productive and happy employees.

  3. Whilst this is an online procedure and is able to take care of all your employee screening needs, on your part, you should do something to prevent the negligent hiring of employees as well. • For example; during the candidate’s interview, keep an eye and ear out for any gaps and inconsistencies in the personal and work history of the prospective employee. There is nothing wrong about asking the reason for that gap, because it’s your company’s future after all, which is at stake, and you cannot afford to be careless here.

  4. We want to be your background screening authority. Paul Marcus, owner of Affordable Searches, is a licensed private investigator in the State of Texas with over 15 years of experience performing criminal history and associated background checks for both the private and public sector.  We offer free consultations, and will tailor searches to meet your needs.  Call us at 1-877-685-6691, or email us at