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How attending MLM events can give your businesses an edge PowerPoint Presentation
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How attending MLM events can give your businesses an edge

How attending MLM events can give your businesses an edge

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How attending MLM events can give your businesses an edge

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  1. How attending MLM events can give your businesses an edge Summary :To be successful in an MLM, you need to be an expert salesman and communicator. Events are organized to make you a better person & a professional, as your success makes MLMs a success. Many MLM businesses conduct trainings and conferences regularly for their sponsors. They hire highly paid motivational speakers to address these events, but sadly a lot of distributors give these a miss. Here’s how attending MLM events can benefit your business: · Get training for sales & signing new sponsors Sales training programs for employees are a very important function in large MNCs. However, there are not too many sales/ distributor/sponsor training programs in large MLM companies. Every sponsor is individually responsible for the product sales. It is the responsibility of every distributor to train their downlines! This being said, it is actually difficult to help distributors who are good at signing on more sponsors but are not too good at training other sponsors. An event usually gives people the opportunity to train their downlines and get some training for themselves too. The events are usually hosted by individuals who are extremely successful in selling the products and signing on more sponsors. · Motivation – Live events are more impactful Just ask yourselves, when you watch a video of an artist on Youtube, how hard are you really focusing on it? How often do you check your mails, Facebook/ social media and other things in between on your mobile phone? Are you able to give a 100% attention to it? If that is the situation for your favourite singer, do you really think you are paying proper attention to a motivational or a work related video? Not just this, imagine yourself in a live concert of your favourite singer. How does that feel? The atmosphere itself is electrifying and the experience is “out of this world”! The same is applicable for an MLM event. The atmosphere, the experience and the impact is much better than a recorded video. Hearing people talk about their experience and what they did to achieve success is far more motivating when you hear it in person. Moreover, the contacts you make at such events are an added advantage.

  2. · Interaction with successful uplines At most MLM business events there are a few thousand people who are at different stages of success. Some could be highly successful and may be earning millions per annum from just being a distributor, while some could be just starting out. For those who have just started and are looking for any and every information that they can get their hands on, interacting with successful uplines is a boon. One can only do this at MLM events. The main advantage of this is that you get to interact closely with someone who has been in your shoes and has done everything required to become successful. A one on one interaction will surely be more impactful for us as we can easily pick their brains for what they did to be successful. A personal interaction lets your counterparts understand the position you are in and can effectively guide you to reach your goals. The importance of events cannot be underscored further. A lot of successful distributors plan their months around these events. Simon Chan, a successful MLM distributor has been quoted saying that he doesn’t know any MLM distributor who earns more than $4,000 and doesn’t visit MLM events. · Personal development Any person who has made it big in the MLM business will testify to the fact that building a huge network is extremely difficult. It will drain you personally of all your energy. It will eat into your personal time and juggling your personal and professional lives at the same time is a very difficult task. Managing the expectations of your family, especially spouses, is a tough task. Having an understanding spouse is definitely an added advantage here, but with the sacrifices that they have to make, even his/ her energy would be low sometimes. MLM businesses understand this. This is why MLM events do not focus only on professional development of sponsors, but also on their personal development. The main focus here will be on building stronger relationships which help people develop as individuals and professionals. The events and conferences aim to help you work towards a better attitudeand sharpen your skills. Only when someone has a peace of mind at home can they go out and build better relationships, increase sales and sign on more sponsors. The Deck Chair Millionaire shares many such examples.

  3. · Increased visibility = good personal equity This is one key point that is often overlooked by a lot of people. Being seen and photographed with the successful distributors and other top honchos of the company helps you network, and it works wonders for your personal brand equity. Many prospective sponsors sometimes don’t join your network because they feel that you as an individual may be incapable of guiding them. When you invite new sponsors or to be sponsors to these events being seen with the top brass of the company often gives you a good image in their eyes. This actually makes them feel that they are in safe hands and with somebody who knows what he is doing and is not just talking to impress them. Also, there could be some people who could be sure about joining the MLM business, but unsure about the upline to join. A good personal equity will attract all the fence sitters to you. Conclusion Like any business, an MLM business will succeed only if you do, and these events and conferences focus on helping you succeed. MLM events focus mainly on developing individuals to become better professionals who can build better relationships to scale greater heights. This is one of the rare professional events where one should get their spouses’ along with them for a fruitful learning experience. All said and done, while one can still learn a lot without attending these, but if one simple step can give you an edge over others, why miss it and stop yourself from achieving your full potential!