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SU MMARY. About us Indoor Markets Locations Services Advertising products Clients Traffic data Consumer profile Ob j ective s. About us. Who are we ?

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  1. SUMMARY About us Indoor Markets Locations Services Advertising products Clients Traffic data Consumer profile Objectives

  2. About us Who are we ? BRAND MANAGEMENT, a 100 % Romanian company, established in August 2004, activatesas an indoor advertisingoperator in commercial centers of different types: “Malls” , hypermarket chains, bricolage stores, in theatres at Malls and in Office Buildings With the head office in Bucharest, BRAND MANAGEMENTcoordinates its advertising services all around Romania and beginning with august 2006 also Sofia, Bulgaria.

  3. About us The company’s two development directions are: leasing advertising spaces in entrance hall area, in the elevators and in the underground parking places in Business Centers (BC) leasing all the available advertising spaces: on walls, on pillars, on escalators, on the balustrades , in the panoramic elevators, in the underground and on land parking places and others of the Commercial Center Malls

  4. About us for Owners providing another income from our clients advertising campaigns. This income is evaluated from 50.000 up to 300.000 €/year according to available advertising surfaces, so they are able to enlarge their marketing campaigns budgets evaluating all advertising places. Suitable especially for Malls , before issuing the lease contract or even better for some being developed. This is necessary as most of the panels in Malls are back or front lighted and an identification of the electric circuits is needed for easy access to it before finishing the construction elaborating the Rate Card according to the market prices making an investment in panels production without owner’s contribution while offering maintenance services for them assuring full services campaigns for the owner

  5. About us for Clients developing the advertising areas printing of the layouts mounting the prints inspecting and monitoring the layouts after mounting uninstalling the prints at the end of the campaign providing traffic reports and others

  6. Indoor Markets Retail developments BRAND MANAGEMENTis present in all major retail developments in Bucharest as well as other important cities in Romania and Bulgaria. Either a mall, a shopping center or a retail park, our company is present there! For an up-dated list of the retail areas covered by us, please see the “Locations” list.

  7. Indoor Markets Business centers The office buildings in Brand Management portfolio offers our clients direct access towards an exclusive target: Top & Middle Management. We cover over 100 panels in A & B class business centers in the Capital city and the most important cities through out the country. For an up-dated list of the office buildings covered by us, please see the “Locations” list.

  8. Retail Locations in Romania Iasi: Moldova Mall, IuliusMall Timisoara: Iulius Mall Tg. Mures: Promenada Oradea: Lotus Market Brasov: MacroMall, Magnolia Mall, Carrefour Ploiesti: EuroMall, Commercial CenterWinmarkt-Omnia, Carrefour, Bricostore Constanta: Tomis Mall & Bricostore Rm. Valcea: River Plaza Mall Cluj: Central Shopping Center, Polus Center, Iulius Mall Sibiu: Promenada

  9. Mall – number of locations

  10. Advertising products Escalators Escalators

  11. Advertising products Halls Escalators

  12. Advertising products Door clings

  13. Advertising products Totems People stoppers

  14. Advertising products Light frames Light frames

  15. Advertising products Special projects Special projects

  16. Advertising products Food court advertising

  17. Advertising products Sky murals

  18. Advertising products Kids areas advertising

  19. Clients – Advertised companies

  20. Mall Traffic data The information concerning the traffic offered by the whole network can be summarized this way: • Daily traffic Week-day: 118000 counted entries Week-end day: 165000 counted entries • Monthly traffic Week-day: 1320000 counted entries Week-end day: 2596000 counted entries Conclusion: monthly traffic is of 3916000 counted entries and of 1305333 different viewers (based on customer behaviour rate)

  21. Consumer profile 25 up to 50 years of age, active, working over 45 hours a week Having an income over medium to high Middle class life standard It assumes responsibilities and takes action Is opened-minded and knows the value, quality and advantages offered by a brand Appreciates the originality and the quality of advertising information Pays a visit to a Mall 2 - 4 times a month

  22. Objectives Understanding our clients needs. To accomplish that, we coordinate all the marketing and communication projects Successfully fulfilling our clients needs. To make this come true we also offer specialized consultancy in different branches of the communication and media channels. Putting it in other words : we create personalized media campaigns for each client Introducing our experience in Eastern Europe countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

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