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How to choose a good hosting company

Before you want to choose a hosting company better that you read my presentation http://mochahost1.wordpress.com/

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How to choose a good hosting company

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  1. How to choose a good hosting company My own experience with one of the worst web hosting companies So called : “Mochahost” Read more on my blog http://mochahost1.wordpress.com

  2. Three Important points Technical views Customer service views Prices

  3. Technical views -1 - Uptime (availability)It is shown by a number between 0 to 100. When it is 100, you should expect that your website is always available to your visitors. However, you cannot know this by checking your chosen host website. Normally all hosting companies claim to have 100% uptime. To know about whether they want to fool you or not, the best way is googling and find customer reviews. Do not withdraw your search as soon as you find some reviews in one website. Because some of fraud hosting companies do self-ratings in order to fool customers to buy their service.

  4. Technical views -2 - BandwidthBandwidth is another reason that can affect on the uptime of your website, if your chosen host offer unlimited bandwidth but it is a shared server, it is your task to ask them how many users they would have in one shared server. If it is many users, you should expect your website to to be loaded in some seconds to minutes. In VPS plans this bandwidth directly related to the settings your host company would do for you such as dedicated bandwidth and so on. In this case it cannot be unlimited bandwidth. Normally it depends on the total bandwidth of your hosting company.

  5. Technical views -3 - Security (reliability)Another key important criteria is security, how much can you trust on the servers of your chosen hosting company? Is it easy for hackers to steal your Username and password of your control panel or ftp account? You should consider security from two different points of view i.e. you as a customer and the host. former related to your password strength:-  choose a strong password , it can be the combination of upper letters with some special characters such as "%$^&*()..." - Do not enter your password in front of others- Do not send your password by email- Do not keep your password in a insecure place that can be accessible by others- When you use public computers be sure to clear your browser cache and never save your password in public computers latter related to hosting service and their physical security- If your chosen hosting company does not support sFTP or any type of secure ftp, you would be in trouble because your password can be stolen easily by eavesdropping or sniffing in the network you are using to connect to your ftp server.- If you connect to your host control panel with "http://" url instead of "https://", hackers can easily steal your password.- If your hosting company does not have a good physical security such as firewall and etc , your website can be hacked easily.However, It is not easy to detect this issue otherwise you try your chosen host. You can also read other customer reviews by googling .

  6. Technical views -4 - Control panelThe control panel should enable you to control most of your hosting tasks such as creating a database, managing and creating domains and sub domains, creating ftp account, uploading files, managing your email services and the tasks like that. You can get a test account from your chosen host in order to evaluate their control panel. test all the task one by one and if any of them did not work after the setting up time passed, be aware of that hosting company!

  7. Customer service views - Time it takes to resole your Issue as well as how technical the answers areCustomer support is very important to all webhost companies, If they answer you so fast but their answers does not contain any technical points that can resolve your issue, then you would be in trouble and they are just like lots of fraud hosting company. They cannot support you as they do not have any technical members in their team. The good customer support should be able to provide you with good solution in a timely manner. if your chosen webhosts do not have this criteria, just avoid them!

  8. Prices Most people think , as much as the host cheaper, it is better. The most important thing here is what type of service you expect from your host, normally good hosts as well as fraud hosts have a high discount for the first year. If you do not have any experience with your chosen host, try to buy service as minimum duration as possible to avoid losing so much money. Sometimes you can find on internet webhost with the lowest price like 1.99 USD per month but if you read their customer reviews from different website, you will find out with those fraud company, you should not expect your webhost to be 99% available on internet and maybe the security leaks in their service. Nowadays, as the harddisk is cheaper than before both fraud host and good host offer you unlimited disk space. However, specially in fraud webhost that they offer cheap prices, in their term of condition they do not allow you to upload inactive content on their server. So, If you plan to use a part of your host as your remote share file server, be sure it is supported by your chosen webhosts.

  9. My stories with one of bad hosting companiesMochahost - 1 A Nice StoryWhen you buy a domain from "mochahost" they will publish all the private data that you gave them in confidence on the internet for the world to see... isn't that just great. Now all the spammers, scammers, and criminals have access to your confidential data and can spam, scam and even come to your home for a visit. I hope that you will enjoy your time with them."mochahost" is a second hand domain reseller and as such does not have the capability to resolve issues that you encounter with their service. So what happens is that you are referred to enom.com who is the provider of domains to mochahost.com. Unfortunately enom.com's support is not the greatest. They are slow to respond to the trouble ticket that you initiated and even slower to resolve the issue: it can take several hours to several days before the issue is resolved. So the bottom line is, if you want slow service with unpredictable results then you have come to the right place.

  10. My stories with one of bad hosting companiesMochahost - 2 More good news about Mochahost: Yesterday, May 14th, access to their database was not available for over 3 hours. Unfortunaely, even after initiating a trouble ticket, it took them quite some time to resolve the issue. So just be aware that if you are hosting a business website with Mochahost you may loose money during the times your website database is unavailable to customers becasue of Mochahost's poor quality of service.

  11. My stories with one of bad hosting companiesMochahost - 3 Unfortunately my sad saga continues with Mochahost. During the past few weeks I have experienced several problems with the service provided by Mochahost. One day all of my hosting data became unavailable to me and since that time I have experienced serious issues with the use of their control panel. It has become impossible to make changes using the control panel and today my host data completely disappeared from one of my subdomains.They have yet to resolve this problem. Their online support is never helpful and when you open a problem ticket they just ask you to be patient. How can I be patient when my website is not available and I have no control over my domains as their control panel software does not work??

  12. My stories with one of bad hosting companiesMochahost - 4 If you would like to know more about Mochahost's quality of service and their customer service or how they process problem tickets or about the company in general before you try to make a decision on whether or not you would like to use their service, then please review this page. This page has been created by one of their past customers who wants you to know, first hand, the truth about their services . This information has been updated on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/MochahostNever http://mochahost1.wordpress.comor you can follow the twitter posts athttps://twitter.com/#!/mochahost_neverI am sure that you won't regret reading this information if you are seriously considering using Mochahost for hosting your website.

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