modern school kundli n.
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Best school in Sonipat PowerPoint Presentation
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Best school in Sonipat

Best school in Sonipat

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Best school in Sonipat

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  1. Modern School, Kundli

  2. Indo German Exchange program

  3. ‘Cultural Exchange’ opens up the vistas of human understanding and further expands our universal consciousness. Students of The Modern School ECNCR on the fourth day of the Indo German Cultural Exchange Programme presented a glimpse of the rich Indian culture to the host school Wirtemberg Gymnasium. A group of students performed the traditional Bhangra for the students, teachers and staff of the host school. The encouragement they got from all was overwhelming and proof enough to know that a generation of global citizens is in the making. they were also appreciated by the Principal of the host school. The host school not only encouraged the Indian students during the performance but also willingly came to learn a few steps and enthusiastically participated in an exhibition of Indian items that the guest school put on display. After the display of Indian culture at the school premises , the host school took the guests to visit the Mercedes Benz museum. The Indian students enjoyed their trip to the museum .

  4. On the fifth day of the Indo German Exchange Programme, students of The Modern School ECNCR visited the Town Hall in the city of Stuttgart. They also took a ride on one of the few remaining functioning paternoster lifts in the Town Hall. A guided tour of the Town Hall gave a glimpse of the beauty of the city and the functioning of the mayor of the city to the students. They were given a guided tour on the history of the beautiful German city. The students were made aware of the enthralling history of the city of Stuttgart. They learnt that the origins of the city can be traced back more than 1000 years ago. They also learnt how a stud farm (‘Stuotgarten’) later became the inspiration for the rearing black stallion on the city’s cost of arms. It was a great learning experience for the students.

  5. ‘Happiness is having a large family in other cities as well’. Students of The Modern School ECNCR on and Indo German Exchange program, spent wonderful time with the host families. The long weekend of German Reunion day that began on Oct 3,2019 and merged with the weekend until Oct 6, 2019, saw the students bond with their host families . Visits to nearby cities like Switzerland , Berlin, Italy etc. were planned . Students enjoyed this short escapade to the beautiful places and these short trips also gave them more time to bond with their hosts and their families. They enjoyed their break.

  6. Students of The Modern School ECNCR on Indo German Exchange Programme visited the Black Forest on the Day 10 of their stay. Located in a large mountain range in Southwest Germany, Black Forest or Schwarzwald in German, is home to the cuckoo clock, the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales and world-renowned thermal spas. Black Forest Germany is a popular vacation spot for locals and tourists alike. With the Rhine valley to the west and south, the Black Forest of Germany is known for its hills, valleys, rivers and forests. The trip included a trek to the Black Forest admiring nature and enjoying on the fun rides and suspended bridge!

  7. Last day of the Indo German Exchange program was witness to a trip to the Ritter Sport factory. The students enjoyed the visit and also got hands on experience of making the chocolate. In the evening a farewell was organised for the Indian Students at Wirtemberg Gymnasium by the German students. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. The students of The Modern School ECNCR performed for their German host families. The German students showcased a beautiful performance of the school band along with a trip down the memory lane with video presentations. The parents prepared scrumptious meals for all. The Indian students also showcased their memories in the form of video presentations for their host and host families. It was an evening filled with memories and promises to be friends forever .

  8. CONTACT US THE MODERN SCHOOL, FARIDABAD Sector 85, Faridabad Haryana 121002 +91 129-2400300 | +91 9540028312/13/14