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¡Hola!. ¡ Hola ¡ (London Bridges) Hola means hello-o-o Hell-o-o, hello-o-o. Hola means hello-o-o, Hola , amigos. Rules. Commands. Lesson 1 Vocabulary. Lesson 1 Tongue Twister. Lesson 1 Story. Lesson 1 Supplemental Vocab. El Burro. Los Cerditos. Lesson 1 Song. Adiós. RULES.

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  1. ¡Hola!

  2. ¡Hola¡(London Bridges)Hola means hello-o-oHell-o-o, hello-o-o.Hola means hello-o-o,Hola, amigos.

  3. Rules Commands Lesson 1 Vocabulary Lesson 1 Tongue Twister Lesson 1 Story Lesson 1 Supplemental Vocab El Burro Los Cerditos Lesson 1 Song Adiós

  4. RULES

  5. Enter the classroom quietly. - “zero voices.”

  6. Stay in your seat.

  7. Be quiet.

  8. Follow directions.

  9. Raise your hand to speak.

  10. Be a good listener, do not interrupt others when they are talking. – “zero” voices.

  11. Pay attention with eyes on the teacher.

  12. Use a # 1 voice while working in the classroom.

  13. Treat others with respect. No fighting, teasing, tattling or saying “bad” words.

  14. Share with classmates.


  16. ¡Levántate!

  17. ¡Siéntate!

  18. ¡Da la vuelta!

  19. ¡Levanta la mano!

  20. Hola. Hola. ¡Repite!

  21. ¡Mira!

  22. ¡Escucha!

  23. ¡Silencio, por favor!

  24. Simon Says or Simon dice (played the same as Simon says with the words Simon dice (dee-say) used instead. Use commands learned above) Simón dice.

  25. Click on links next to arrows.

  26. Lesson 1 Vocabulary

  27. la mañana

  28. Buenos días. ? ?

  29. la tarde

  30. Buenas tardes. ? ?

  31. la noche

  32. Buenas noches. ? ?

  33. Greetings song Hola song

  34. hi! ¡Hola! good morning! ¡buenos días! Good afternoon! ¡buenas tardes! ¡buenas noches! good evening!

  35. ¡hola! = Friends, Family

  36. Morning Buenos días.

  37. Afternoon, Early evening Buenas tardes.

  38. Late evening, Night Buenas noches.

  39. Tongue Twisters and Rhymes

  40. Wow, she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

  41. Say the tongue twister / rhyme: comounaporrista, etc. comosiestuvieraenfermo, etc. comosituvieramiedo, etc.

  42. Lesson 1 Story

  43. se levanta = stands se sienta = sits camina = walks come = eats rápido = fast lento = slowly

  44. se levanta

  45. se sienta

  46. camina

  47. come

  48. rápido

  49. lento

  50. Listen to story and answer Yes / No Questions Sí =Yes No = No

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