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SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION EVENING Monday 25 July 2011. AGENDA. Welcome Therese Wilson Prayer Colin Grant Principal’s Address Deborah Barker A student’s perspective Georgia Heiser Possible Pathways Therese Wilson The VCE Marianne Love VCAL/VET Sarah Harrington

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  2. AGENDA • Welcome Therese Wilson • Prayer Colin Grant • Principal’s Address Deborah Barker • A student’s perspective Georgia Heiser • Possible Pathways Therese Wilson • The VCE Marianne Love • VCAL/VET Sarah Harrington • Pathways Cynthia Hansen • Pastoral Care of Students Therese Wilson • Where to from here? Therese Wilson

  3. WELCOME “ Listen with the ear of your heart” Rule of St Benedict

  4. Prayer Mr Colin Grant Domain Leader – RE Year 10-12

  5. College Principal Mrs Deborah Barker

  6. Partnerships

  7. Archbishop Polding

  8. Santa Maria CollegeCollege Dare to do as much as you are able…

  9. A STUDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Georgia Heiser Yr 12 VCAL Student

  10. PATHWAYS - Then

  11. PATHWAYS - Now

  12. Why the need for a choice in pathways? • Students have different talents and strengths • Students learn in different ways • Education needs to be relevant to the student & how they interact with and understand the world they live in • Success can be achieved by following many different pathways and can be shown in many different ways

  13. Your story is yet to be written Will it involve….. • VCE – Victorian Certificate of Education • VET – Vocational Education & Training • VCAL – Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning • SBAT – School Based Apprenticeship & Traineeship

  14. VCE AS A PATHWAY Ms Marianne Love VCE Coordinator

  15. The VCE as a Pathway • As a student, what do I need to do to achieve my VCE? • Complete 16 units satisfactorily. • This must include at least 3 units from • the English group & three sequences at • a 3 & 4 level from studies other than • English. • This can include VET units.

  16. Year 11 Studies • This can consist of all units at a Unit 1 & 2 level, • or include a VET course or a Unit 3 & 4 • sequence • NB: Approval from the College is required for students considering a 3 & 4 sequence in Year 11 • Students study 6 units each semester in Year 11. A unit from the English group and 5 elective Units • One unit of RE (either unit 1 or 2) is studied over • the year, unless RE is chosen as a 3 & 4 sequence

  17. Ask Yourself • What are my strengths as a student? What areas of study am I good at and have interest in? • What career path may I wish to follow? Are there any prerequisite studies that I will need for a future pathway? • Have I spoken to others – friends who have completed units I am interested in, teachers, family, Careers advisors?

  18. Satisfactory Completion • Learning Outcomes must be met for Satisfactory Completion of a unit (S) • Meets criteria • Submitted on time • Student’s own work • To receive VCE must have gained S in at least 16 units

  19. Assessment – Units 1 and 2 • Assessment is ongoing • Unit 1 and 2 School Graded Tasks • School based • Do not contribute to ATAR (the old ENTER) • Feedback

  20. Year 12 Studies • Students study five Unit 3 and 4 sequences which can include a VET subject • Students must satisfactorily complete 4 sequences including English.

  21. Assessment – Units 3 and 4 • Also ongoing and in class • Two components • School Assessed Coursework (SAC’s) or School Assessed Tasks (SAT’s) • External Examinations • Weighting varies from subject to subject • General Achievement Test (GAT) in June

  22. Year 12 studies VCAA – the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority - responsible for running the VCE and VCAL. They issue study scores (out of 50) for all VCE units at Year 12 level. VTAC – the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre – responsible for the ATAR score (0-99.95) and for organising University and TAFE offers.

  23. VCAL/VET AS A PATHWAY Ms Sarah Harrington Senior Pathways Coordinator

  24. VCAL – The Hands on Option • VCAL is a senior secondary qualification Aim: To provide skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable students to make informed choices regarding pathways to work, training and further education.

  25. VCAL – The Requirements Students are required to undertake units in the following strands: • Literacy • Numeracy • Work Related Skills (WRS) • Personal Development Skills (PDS)

  26. VCAL – The Program The VCAL program 2012: • VET (Vocational Education Training) Certificate for 1 Day • Structured Work Placement ( SWP) for 1 Day • At School for 3 Days

  27. VCAL Placement • Students are required to undertake an industry specific work placement • The placement must be connected to the VET course a student is undertaking • Placement allows students to gain valuable work experience and industry knowledge • Students are responsible for finding their own placement • Support is provided by the school

  28. VCAL – School Life Students that are part of the VCAL program • Attend homeroom on the days that they are at school • Are expected to attend all compulsory school related activities • Are able to be part of all extra curricular activities that the school offers

  29. VCAL – Why do it? • Research has shown that students who complete a successful VCAL program are more likely to experience success than those who do poorly in a VCE program • Having undertaken a VET certificate most students are able to easily transfer into the next level of the certificate at TAFE • Students who complete VCAL are more work ready when they leave school

  30. VCAL – Points to Consider • Studying VCAL doesn’t prevent you from going to university • While still at school students are able to engage in meaningful and structure work placement • Completing VCAL and VET studies successfully, means students can leave school with a senior qualification, as well as a Certificate 3 in their chosen VET area

  31. VETVocational Education and Training • Students complete all or part of a nationally recognized VET qualification. • Students receive credit towards satisfactory completion of their VCE or VCAL

  32. Why undertake VET? Vet offers students the opportunity to: • Combine general and vocational studies • Explore career options and pathways • Undertake learning in the workplace • Develop skills that will equip them for the workforce • Gain a nationally recognized qualification or credit towards VCE or VCAL

  33. VET Subject Choices • Santa Maria College is part of the Northern Melbourne VET Cluster(NMVC) • The cluster arrangement gives students more VET subject choices • There are 25 VCE VET programs • These programs provide students with a Certificate II outcome • Scored assessment is available in 14 VCE VET programs.

  34. Automotive Building & Construction Business* Community Services* Dance* Electrotechnology* Engineering Studies* Equine Industry* Horticulture Hospitality* Information Technology* Interactive Digital Media* Laboratory Skills* Music Industry* Sport & recreation* VCE VET Programs

  35. Additional Non-Assessed VET Programs • Certificate II in Animal Studies • Certificate II in Hairdressing • Certificate II in Make-up Services

  36. School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships(SBAT) • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships involve the student undertaking the VCE or VCAL as well as being employed part-time and trained • Students complete Certificate III as part of their training • Students undertake training over 2 years at an average of 13 hours per week for employment and training per week

  37. PATHWAYS Ms Cynthia Hansen Careers Coordinator

  38. Articulation and Pathways • Degree • Diploma • Certificate IV • Certificate III • Certificate II


  40. WHICH JOB? • RESOURCES • Work Experience (27 June – 1 July) • Job Guide • Santa Maria College Careers Expo (20 June) • Career Planning Week • Career Builder • Oz Jac • TALK TO PARENTS, TEACHERS,RELATIVES, FRIENDS • TALK TO ME!

  41. YOUR FUTURE CAREER • You can do ANYTHING! • The job you do now is no longer forever • To be flexible is to be EMPLOYABLE • Jobs keep EVOLVING THE JOBS THAT YOU WILL BE WORKING AT, HAVE YET TO BE INVENTED!

  42. PASTORAL CARE OF SENIOR STUDENTS • Home Room Teacher • Year Level Team Leader • Counselors • Head of Senior School • Pastoral Associate – Sr Glenys Dellamarta • Pastoral Program • School based activities & Guest Speakers

  43. WHERE TO FROM HERE? • August 2 – 5 : Subject Selection Family Interviews • August 12: Final date for the submission of Senior Pathways VCE/VET/VCAL Application Forms • September/ October: Timetable Constructed • October: Programs confirmed in writing • Nov 28 – Dec 1: Year 10 -11 Transition Days • Dec 1: Presentation Evening @ Moonee Valley


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