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Tuition Reimbursement Cap Waiver Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Tuition Reimbursement Cap Waiver Proposal

Tuition Reimbursement Cap Waiver Proposal

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Tuition Reimbursement Cap Waiver Proposal

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  1. Tuition Reimbursement Cap Waiver Proposal MIT EMBA Class of 2014 Strategic Development & Operations Engineering June 2013

  2. MIT Executive MBA Jane Doe, Class of 2014 • Accepted to the MIT Executive MBA program; 20-month mid-career program designed for employees at pivotal career junctures • Curriculum focuses on Strategic Management, Innovation, Global Leadership, Managing Complex Organizations and Organizational Effectiveness • Jane Doe’s resume and career highlights removed. Requesting reimbursement and cap waiver for additional $40.9K

  3. MIT Executive MBA Value Proposition Value to Company • “Access to MIT’s cutting-edge research in business, leadership, and technological innovation years before that knowledge becomes mainstream” • Rigorous data-driven, analytical curriculum, collaborative partnerships with faculty, corporate executives, and peers • Experiential learning program designed to facilitate immediate application of learning to current strategic leadership role • “Cross-industry best practices acquired from renowned faculty and peers who represent leading organizations” • Current Initiatives for Immediate Application • Manufacturing Technology Roadmap and new technology insertion into future captures (In process) • Concept of Operations – Strategies, Tactics, Actions, and Metrics (In process) • Insertion into Enterprise product independent review process (Complete) • Development objective Make/Buy/Where criteria for application during capture-phase (In process) Value to me • As a high potential emerging leader, formalized business training will develop the acumen needed to be effective, well prepared, and aligned for growth in multiple Company roles • Experiential and quantitative, data-driven approach to learning and development align to personal strengths • Familiarity with the expectations of MIT and personal relationships with faculty will strengthen success and learning in the high caliber academic environment • Opportunity to learn through a variety of direct experiences with varied industries and perspectives from current and future senior executives of other multi-national corporations “MIT is the world’s center of innovation and leadership. Over the last half-century, MIT Sloan has defined the science of management and engineered innovations that have changed the face of business.” -- MIT EMBA Program

  4. Return on Investment The MIT Executive MBA program will enable me to immediately integrate my learning with my job focus. Techniques I learn in the classroom will be applied in the workplace and then refined through additional study. My selection to the program was contingent on successful performance in a (strategic) leadership role for a minimum of three months. This provided an assurance to the program directors the lessons of the class would provide early ROI to my company. The program requires change projects to improve a broken or inefficient process in the company and development of new technology insertion strategies into the Business roadmap Total Investment Company Investment Student/School Investment Low Financial Investment for Company: $40.9K requested beyond tuition cap

  5. Accomplishments To Date Applied Projects 15.s67 Organizational Processes Description: Integrate XX criteria into XX the Product Independent Review – Program Startup Process. Results: Incorporation of capacity, capability and producibility requirements into all projects across the Business. 15.700 Leadership & Integrative Management Description: Integrate Operations presence & influence into the early stages of the product development lifecycle. Results: Incorporation of capacity, capability and producibility requirements into all projects across the Business. 15.701 Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage Description: Understand the Cambridge/Boston Innovation ‘Ecosystem” and support the development of business case for a startup to secure Phase 2 funding. Results: Leveraged learning experience to provide curriculum and value proposition recommendations to <XXX> resulting in the award of a $100M grant award. 15.714 Competitive Strategy Description: Extend Operations influence into capture phase by formalizing the requirement to use of the manufacturing capabilities roadmap on all captures to ensure competitive discriminators are clearly communicated. Results: in process. Partnering to establish process, drive Make/Where process to ensure competitive discriminators are designated as “Makes”, and develop proposal gold standard text on manufacturing technology competitive discriminators for use in proposals.

  6. Summary Enrolled in MIT Executive MBA program beginning October 2012 Enrolled with “full-time” curriculum Current GPA: 5/0/5.0 with 10 classes completed Curriculum based on work-based projects Three courses have already demonstrated direct results to the business. Requesting approval for reimbursement for half of program tuition and expenses $60,900 – Roughly half of base tuition $20,000 reimbursed per tuition cap policy Requesting $30.9K beyond cap in 2013 (and $10K within policy for 2014) Remaining $102,810 assumed by employee/student Includes remaining tuition, lodging, parking, fees and international project costs Two fellowships awarded by MIT totaling $15,000 Program designed to enable immediate impact to Raytheon Candidate acceptance was based on role (Strategic) and level of experience (18 years) Projects focused on improvement of processes and organizational effectiveness at company.