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A World-Class Education, A World-Class City PowerPoint Presentation
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A World-Class Education, A World-Class City

A World-Class Education, A World-Class City

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A World-Class Education, A World-Class City

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  1. Human Resources Building (HRB) 715 S. Wood Street – Room 109 Chicago, IL 60612 Phone: 312.996.4852 E Mail: Joanne D. Tolbert-Wells Director of Employment Services A World-Class Education, A World-Class City

  2. UIC Human Resources Recruitment & Staffing The UIC Human Resources Recruitment & Staffing unit delivers a variety of services to the UIC campus. Also known as Employment Services, we oversee the hiring process and employment registers for civil service positions as well as the coordination of placement for extra help and temporary pool employees. This includes recruitment, application and resume processing, previous employee verification, applicant credential evaluation and civil service examination scheduling and administration. World-Class Education. World-Class City.

  3. UIC Human Resources Recruitment & Staffing Services • Manage the hiring process for all civil service, in-house temporary and extra help employees. • Administer the Civil Service exam process, which includes administering exams and creation / maintenance of employment registers. • Coordinate the referral and placement of outside vendor temporary agency employees. This includes bidding, billing and voucher approval. • Work with department management and employees if there is a desire for position reclassification or elimination • Provide employee counseling and career planning, as well as advice and counsel to all levels of staff regarding university employment policies and civil service rules World-Class Education. World-Class City.

  4. UIC Human Resources Major steps involved in civil service hiring: • Approved position description and position authorization is received from Compensation in the form of a requisition • Upon receipt of requisition, work with hiring department to create position posting – post position on website and external job boards as warranted • Recruiters review applications and credentials in accordance with civil service hiring specifications / administer civil service examination • Consult with hiring department regarding job needs, expectations, and specialty factors • Score exams / credentials and add qualified candidates to the hiring register – forward the top 3 sets of scorers for department interview and selection • Make job offer to selected candidate • Work with candidate to secure and process all paperwork and clearances required for onboarding World-Class Education. World-Class City.