emanuel and rob n.
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Emanuel and Rob

Emanuel and Rob

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Emanuel and Rob

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  1. Emanuel Ghebremariam and Rob Keller Emanuel and Rob

  2. Pharmaceuticals and Law We will use images with a tone similar to wry and satirical political cartoons to exam ways the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and the law affect patients.

  3. Courts in the Clinic A group of patients wait for medical attention in a clinic. The room in reminiscent of a courtroom as a Judge in a lab coat arbitrates the scene

  4. Medicine in the Board Room • The executive board of a Pharmaceutical company overcrowds a sick patients room. • The men in suits pour over charts and inquisitively poke and prod the patient seeming to offer their own medical advice, while the patient and his doctor are dumbfounded.

  5. Lab Scene • A lab where the drugs are made in mass quantities • In the background sick patients and families appear to be picketing • The picketers wield signs and umbrellas as money rains from the sky • The lab technicians are oblivious, while a sharply dressed “janitor” winks (suited man with workers hat) and sweeps up the mounds of cash into an open brief case.

  6. Deal with the Devil • Doctor and Drug Exec seem to be striking up a deal • In a parallel scene a similar devil character makes a deal with political figures in congress • The scene is reminiscent of something out of Dr. Faustus (signing a contractual deal with the devil) • Perhaps it is outside a patients room.

  7. Shifty Marketing • This slide will examine how companies dedicate tremendous resources to marketing drugs (4:1 ratio of marketing compared to actual drug development and research) • Man in his living room with omnipresent drug advertisements—on his television, the billboard out the window, the nagging of his wife, etc.