buy golf club shafts online monark golf n.
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Buy Golf Club Shafts Online - Monark Golf PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy Golf Club Shafts Online - Monark Golf

Buy Golf Club Shafts Online - Monark Golf

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Buy Golf Club Shafts Online - Monark Golf

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  1. Buy Golf Club Shafts Online - Monark Golf The golf club shaft is the tapered, long tube which serves as a link between the hands of a golfer and the club head. While several different designs of shafts are available, the principal purpose of the shaft of the golf club stays the same, that is, to provide the golfer with a method to bring about centrifugal force so that they can strike the ball effectively. When gripped properly, the golfer can take the ball further away with more accuracy, at the same time by applying less force. The following characteristics of golf shafts will help the players to know more about them: Material The most common materials that are used to make golf club shafts are steel and carbon fiber or graphite. Kick Point Usually, kick points that are closer to the grip end of the club produce lower spinning and lower launching shots. The points which are closer to the head of the club produce higher spinning and higher launching shots. Flex The measure of the flexibility of a golf club is not fixed and differs from one manufacturer to the other. Golf shafts are manufactured in a number of different ways, out of which the most usual

  2. is the flex of the shaft. The shaft flex is basically the amount to which the shaft will bend after being placed under some load. A shaft that is stiffer will not flex to that extent since this requires greater power. Length and weight The variables of length and weight are used to suit a golf club to a specific golfer. The length of golf shafts can be changed to tailor players of various heights. The shafts are made in different weights to tailor golfers of every level of strength and skill. Monark Golf offers a wide range of lamkin golf grips. The huge collection helps you select the right golf club shafts and grips to improve your game.