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Master Thesis Road Map PowerPoint Presentation
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Master Thesis Road Map

Master Thesis Road Map

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Master Thesis Road Map

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  1. Master Thesis Road Map Asst. Prof. Dr. Phayung Meesad Associate Dean for Administration Faculty of Information Technology King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok

  2. Year 1 Year 2 Master Thesis Road Map Apply to Master Program in IT: Thesis Option (24 coursework Credits + 12 Thesis Credits) GPA ≥ 3.00 Passed English SEM I 12 coursework credit hours; Literature review; Meet an adviser SEM II 6 coursework credit hours + 3 Thesis credit hours; Literature review; Thesis Proposal SEM III 6 coursework credit hours + 3 Thesis credit hours; Literature review; Conduct research SEM IV 6 Thesis credit hours; Progress Defense Thesis Defense; Publish paper in Journal or conference SEM V Maintain student Status If the requirements are not met SEM VI Maintain student Status If the requirements are not met SEM VII Maintain student Status If the requirements are not met SEM VIII Maintain student Status Last Semester Year 4 Year 3

  3. Condition to Propose Thesis Graduate College Requirements • Have enrolled at least 12 coursework credit hours • Have GPA ≥ 3

  4. MS Thesis Proposal • Thesis Title • Statement of the Problems • Objectives or Purposes of Research • Hypothesis (if any) • Scope of Research • Research Methodology • Gantt Chart • Conceptual Model/Framework/System/Algorithm proposed • Utilization of the Research • References

  5. Do Weekly/Monthly Report • Every week students conducting research need to do literature review at least 5 papers • What are contributions in the papers? What are new? • What are the benefits/drawbacks for the papers? • What can be improved? • What are the methodologies/results of the researches? • Write up the conclusion for the reading and SEND the weekly or monthly report to the adviser. • DISCUSS with the adviser every week or at least every month.

  6. Semester Progress • Every semester students, who enrolled thesis, must have some progress of his/her research work in order to get all enrolled credits. • The semester progress can be judged by conference or journal papers.Or at least have been conducting research; have been discussing with the adviser; and have been submitting weekly or monthly report to the adviser. • Students may get some partial credits if have little progress. • Students do not have any progress will get 0 out of enrolled credits.

  7. Official Progress/Final Defense • After Thesis proposal have been approved for at least 60 days (2 months), students can take an official Progress Defense. • After Thesis proposal have been approved for at least 120 days (4 months) and passed Progress Defense for at least 30 days (1 month), students can take official final defense. • To complete the MS program Thesis option, students MUST have a research paper present in a conference or accepted to publish in an accredit peer-review research journal or transaction. • In addition students must pass English • Both Progress and Final defenses need to write up Thesis 5 chapters:

  8. Thesis Chapters • Chapter 1 Introduction • Statement of the problems • Objectives • Hypothesis (if any) • Scope of the Thesis • Utilization of the research • Chapter 2 Literature Reviews • Review stat-of-the-art literatures • Review related work or theory • Conclusion of the existing problems for existing research • Thesis statement: what will be proposed and contributed in this research?

  9. Thesis Chapters (cont.) • Chapter 3 Methodology • List the procedures need to conduct the research • Write up details of the proposed methodology/model/system/framework/algorithm/design • Give theory support each modules or subsystems • Give the details how to test the hypothesis or to measure to quality of the proposed model/system/framework/algorithm • Give details about the tools/samples/data used in the research

  10. Thesis Chapters (cont.) • Chapter 4 Results and Discussion • Give details about the complete system/model/framework/algorithm developed • Give details about the experimental results about the system testing or evaluation or comparisons • Give details about testing hypothesis (if any) • Give deep discussion about the results • Chapter 5 Conclusion • Conclude the work • Give some comments on possible future work

  11. Good Luck!