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DIGBY AREA LEARNING ASSOCIATION. “PROJECT EARL” Sponsored by the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia. DALA MISSION STATEMENT. “To promote and facilitate lifelong learning possibilities that encourage and support healthy, sustainable communities.”. DALA Programs.

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  1. DIGBY AREA LEARNING ASSOCIATION “PROJECT EARL” Sponsored by the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia

  2. DALA MISSION STATEMENT “To promote and facilitate lifelong learning possibilities that encourage and support healthy, sustainable communities.”

  3. DALA Programs • Digby Community Education Centre (Adult Learning Programs, Public School Programs, GED) • Learning Grove Childcare Centre and After School Program • Career Resource Centre and Weymouth Job Centre

  4. DALA PROJECTS • Wilderness Park Project • Playground Expansion Project • Construction Trades Projects • Job Coaching Projects • Family Literacy Projects (PACT/FLIEF/MOB) • BALLOT ACE AND SLICK (PGI) • Project Earl (RCFNS) • Older Worker Project • Renovation and Program Enhancements (LGCC)

  5. PROJECT EARL “Educating Adults for Rural Leadership” What is Community Leadership? Community leadership spans across the economic and social sectors. From small businesses, charitable organizations, recreation, education, social organizations, to local government - community leaders make things happen!

  6. PROJECT EARL THREE COMPONENTS • Group Mentorship Program • Skill building and inspiring workshops • Portfolio Development

  7. PROJECT EARL GOALS • Provide Local information and put it in context • Awareness of Rural and Community Issues • Provide a forum where focus is on Leadership and Skill Development • Provide support to students to achieve their leadership goals • Build confidence, prepare students for the future

  8. Provide workshops that compliment the learners curriculum in essential skills development • Provide workshops that inspire the students to be involved in their community

  9. “Effective Leadership is moving from hierarchical, top-down leadership models to inclusive, participatory leadership styles. Effective leaders are people who commit themselves to tackling challenges, help their community articulate a vision for change, and build the commitment and wherewithal to improve the lives of people within the community.” - Building Leadership Capacity for the 21st century – A report from Global Leadership Scans, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

  10. BENEFITS TO OUR COMMUNITY • The majority of our students have established their families and their lives within our community. Many pursue further education, return to work locally and become active members of the community. They have functioning roles as citizens, volunteers and contributors to the economic environment.

  11. Leadership Development • Inspiring local Leaders • Provides deeper understanding of our responsibility within the community • Graduates, participants improve the capacity of the organizations that they are involved with (Schools, Work, Recreation, Local Government, Churches, etc.)

  12. GROUP MENTORSHIP Jean Brittain Town Councilor

  13. Annapolis-Digby Economic Development Agency ADVICE for those who are to become Leaders: • Accountability • Responsibility • Take Risks • Be the Early Bird • Work Hard and Don’t let yourself down • Do it Now • Attract a Mentor/Ask for Help • Have a positive attitude

  14. “As a counselor, you have to be conscious of your community and the constituents.” • Jean encourages our students, as the generation of potential leaders to become involved in our community, and not wait for “someone else to do it”.

  15. Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) • Julie MacLean • Karla Nickerson • Darcey Maillett

  16. “Leaders bring to the table the concerns of our own rural communities and represent the area. They are the voice of the community in their leadership roles.” An example Julie used was her input regarding HRSDC funding for not-for-profits and how policies were changed as a result of lobbying the right government officials.

  17. “THE FISH PHILOSOPHY”with Jennifer Comeau, CRC • Workplace Management System created by John Christensen. • Inspired by the work culture at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market • Uses motivation, positive attitude, and teamwork

  18. Very enjoyable . . .

  19. Tattoos, Stickers, and recognizing others . . .

  20. What color are you?

  21. Medicine Wheel with Marlene Joudrey Medicine Wheel teachings are among the oldest teachings of First Nations people and for thousands of years have been passed from generation to generation. The teachings contain everything needed to walk the earth walk in a peaceful and good way. The teachings help to seek healthy lifestyles: healthy mind (North), strengthen the inner spirit (South), inner peace (West), strong, healthy bodies (East).

  22. PORTFOLIO Students Participate in a credit course that is specifically designed for self-assessment, recognition of skills and achievements, personal development and building confidence. It has been recognized for its value from a personal development perspective, as well as an excellent career tool.

  23. Upcoming Events and Guests • Craig Marshall Smith – Author, “You had better be White by 6 a.m.!” • Kristy Herron-Bishop, Digby Board of Trade • David Irvine, MEDIC/Southwest Health Board

  24. EVENTS/WORKSHOPS • Personal Dimensions (True Colors), with Mona Raymond • Conflict Transformation and Resolution, with Kelly Foxton • Teamwork and Motivation, with Jennifer Blood • Analyzing our Community, with Sheri McBride

  25. A Shining Example Lionel “Junior” Taylor receives the Provincial Volunteer Award for Digby County.

  26. Sometimes a good leader might not recognize that they ARE the leader. Thank you.

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