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Beds for Children Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

Beds for Children Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

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Beds for Children Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

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  1. Beds for Children: Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

  2. Beds for children tend to change as they age, so why are so many parents surprised when their kids ask them for new furniture once they reach that certain age? Maybe the twins no longer want to share a double bed, and the time comes when brother and sister not only need new bedroom furniture, but also need separate rooms! Every parent with more than one child must face this problem at one time or another, and even single children would not be happy using the same furniture all their lives! Children's bedroom furniture changes as they age and you must prepare and budget for it. You can bribe them to an extent by purchasing a sofa bed that can be used for sleepovers, although that is not always an acceptable solution to an age-old problem.

  3. Bunk Beds for Kids Most children love bunk beds, and the problem is generally not whether they like them or not, but the fight over who gets the top bunk. You have a number of options with bunk beds: they can be twin over twin, twin over full or full over full according to how many kids you have to accommodate. If you have the space, then full over full is best because each child has more room, and sleepovers are easier to organize. In fact, a twin over full takes up much the same room as a full over full, and the Classics 4.0 version of the latter comes at 84" long, by 60" deep and 79" high. This is part of Universal's Smartstuff Youth collection, and is available in white or saddle brown wood. Optional underbed storage units are also available.

  4. Regular Beds for Children If you don't like the idea of bunk beds for children, or you have a bedroom for each child, then you have a wide choice of kid's beds in single, twin or double sizes. One example is the Molly Dual twin bed by Hillsdale Furniture, which an old-style bed at 39.5 inches wide, while the full bed size is 15 inches wider. Bedding is available to suit either gender. Universal's Classics twin panel bed looks fabulous in all white, and is 46 inches wide and 84 long: this will suit children of all ages and sizes. Jaidyn children's beds offer optional underbed storage, but for something special you could opt for the Jaidyn youth day bed.

  5. Day Beds and Sofa Beds: Great for Sleepovers Signature understands that a kid's bedroom is usually smaller than that of their parents, and that they usually want to make the best use of the space available. The day bed is 83" long and 41" wide, and is a sofa in the day and a bed at night. This is different from a sofa bed, in that it doesn't change - simply lay the sheets, add a duvet and the sofa is a bed! Finally, you might even decide that a sofa bed is the most appropriate form of children's bed, and the sofa is pulled out at night. Many kids want a spare bed in their room for sleepovers. You can save space by purchasing a sofa bed that you children can sit on, but that can be converted to a bed when their best friend stays over.

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