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Getting the Best For Your Baby

From baby clothes to a full on nursery with hanging mobiles, monitors and matching everything.

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Getting the Best For Your Baby

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  1. Getting the Best For Your Baby

  2. When it comes to buying baby clothes there are some parents, (particularly the first timers) who will go all out to buy everything they see. This is because the hormones kick in the name of survival and the first born child is automatically equipped with everything a parent can afford. From baby clothes to a full on nursery with hanging mobiles, monitors and matching everything.

  3. Subsequent babies are further down the food chain and their baby clothes will often be hand-me-downs aside from the few new bits that you have to replace such as stained babygro's and a special knitted cardigan from a grandmother. When it comes to kitting out your newborn with baby clothes, it makes no difference if they are number one baby or number twelve, there are still some essential items that they will need regardless of whether they are purchased new or not.

  4. For a start, your baby should have a good collection of babygro's. These all in ones aren't the most impressive of garments to look at but they are unbelievably useful. They are extremely comfortable for baby to wear and easy to wash and iron. They can be dressed up with cardigans or jumpers or they can be used to sleep in. Have at least seven in your store of baby clothes. It's also a good idea to have at least seven baby vests too. You may well find that a nappy can leak through at least one of these a day but they are also very useful once baby starts wriggling around to keep the nappy in place.

  5. Cardigans, hand knitted by Granny or bought from a shop, are essentials as baby's find it hard to regulate their own body temperature so anything that can be layered is a good idea. Babies quickly lose their heat and a cardigan is easy enough to put on. Smaller items of baby clothes such as socks and mittens are also important. Again, to help with temperature control but mittens will also stop a baby from scratching itself with its nails. Baby nails grow quickly and can be quite sharp. They will randomly fling out their arms and often scratch their faces so mittens are a good preventative measure.

  6. These are basically the essentials of baby clothes. You will need a couple of shawls and of course baby blankets suitable for a cot and a pram. The rest is personal choice. If you wish to buy your newborn jeans then they are available. If you wish to buy your baby slogan t-shirts or little coats or bootees then again, all are available in many styles that mirror adult fashions. Once you have the basics, it is important to look after them properly. There are very few people around these days that don't understand the importance of buying the best materials possible to go next to your child's skin. The best materials are natural ones so cotton and silk are both better alternatives to nylon. Be careful with wool as it can be an irritant.

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