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Modular Kitchen Designs in Bangalore | Best Home Interior Designers in Malleswaram

Create Home Interior Design with the best Interior Designers in Malleswaram, Bangalore, Monnaie Architects and Interiors, is the one who can satisfy its customers by providing the Corporate Interior Designs which offers a complete professional look.<br>Our designs are impeccable, having a team of experts who have possessed experience in designing. <br>For more visits: www.monnaie.in or www.monnaieinteriors.com<br>Mail us: bglr@monnaie.in<br>Call us: 9742300037<br>

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Modular Kitchen Designs in Bangalore | Best Home Interior Designers in Malleswaram

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  1. Designing a Modular Kitchen Shapes & Layout By  Monnaie Architects & Interiors

  2. Straight Modular Kitchen or One Wall Kitchen  This layout is particularly common in smaller homes or apartments. As it consist of one wall, across the back with all your kitchen cabinets and appliances in a row and often integrated. Usually the sink is in the middle with cook top on one side and refrigerator on the other. View our Straight Modular Kitchen Gallery. Interior Designers in Basavanagudi

  3. Parallel or Galley Modular Kitchen  Parallel or Galley Modular Kitchen is composed of two units placed on two parallel walls of the kitchen area. Parallel or Galley Modular Kitchen makes the best use of the available space. A distance of at least 1.2 metres between the two working areas allows unrestricted access to the base kitchen cabinets.

  4. L- Shaped Modular Kitchen  An L- Shaped Modular Kitchen solves the problem of maximizing corner space, and it’s a smart design for small and medium sized kitchens. The versatile L-Shaped kitchen design consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular forming an L. L-shaped kitchen allows an easy working triangle between cooker, sink and refrigerator.

  5. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen A U-Shaped Modular Kitchen is more reliable and practical with three walls of cabinets and appliances and it is ideal for both large and medium sized rooms with maximum of work space and storage. However it can become a bit of enclosing space with all cabinets and the floor area will be a lot less than any other shape of kitchen. Interior Designers in Malleswaram

  6. Island Kitchen The Island Modular Kitchen is ideal for a large as well as open plan kitchen. In this kitchen the island unit is a separate work surface which makes the kitchen feels wide and spacious.  Island kitchen have appliances and storage at one end and the main island will have a place to eat and to prepare food and a small storage.

  7. Contact Us Visit us : www.monnaie.in or www.monnaieinteriors.com Mail us : bglr@monnaie.in Call : 9742300037

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