roll of thunder hear my cry by mildred taylor n.
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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Mildred Taylor PowerPoint Presentation
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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Mildred Taylor

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Mildred Taylor

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Mildred Taylor

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  1. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cryby: Mildred Taylor Finding social injustice in the real world “Preach the Gospel everyday; if necessary, use words.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi

  2. WORD POWER • * There’s a popular expression: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” * Do you think there is any truth to that ? (Discuss for 10 minutes in your small groups and ask your Discussion Director to record your thoughts in their Literature Circle journal). * Let’s share what we have discovered through group discussion. Feel free to add to your own journal! * Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a powerful novel, filled with meaningful text and intense messages about racial harmony. As you read, jot down quotes that hold particular importance or significance to you and the overall concept of Social Justice.

  3. Word Associations: Social Justice

  4. SlaVERY& Social justice What prior knowledge do you have about the history of slavery in the united states? In the world? In what ways was slavery justified by historical figures and schools of thought? What causes racial tension in our world today? Do you feel the effects of racial tension in your community? Is it possible to change the minds of those who still believe in racial inferiority? If so, how do you propose going about that task? “So now, even though seventy years have passed since slavery, most white people still think of us as they did back then-that we’re not as good as they are-and people like Mr. Simms hold on to that belief harder than some other folks because they have little else to hold on to. For him to believe that he is better than we are makes him think that he’s important simply because he’s white” (129).

  5. Friendship& Social justice Which character spoke those words below and to what were they referring? Describe the attributes of an individual who embodies a true friend in your eyes. Who in your life is a good friend? Who were Jesus’s best friends during and after his life? What were the difficulties of befriending him and why did they risk it? Where is friendship included within the Catholic Social Teachings? Is it merely hinted at or clearly stated? “Friends gotta trust each other, Stacey, ‘cause ain’tnothin’ like a true friend.” (77).