your enterprise software and technology partner n.
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Your Enterprise Software and Technology partner. PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Enterprise Software and Technology partner.

Your Enterprise Software and Technology partner.

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Your Enterprise Software and Technology partner.

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  1. Your Enterprise Software and Technology partner. Welcome to EIT

  2. Agenda • About Us • Our Services • Why EIT? • Our Project Management methodology - Agile • Our Technology Architecture – GWT + J2EE • Achievements & Our Portfolio • Vehicle Tracking, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Retail, Corporate Security, Government projects and Multimedia – Contact Us

  3. EIT is your one stop place for all your enterprise software and technology needs Be it any domain, we know we can give you a robust technology solution at an affordable cost With specialization in Agile methodology, cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end business process Automation, we know we can automate your entire IT needs by delivering a well Architected- Integrated solution We believe in solving complex business and technical problems through consistent innovation and research. About EIT

  4. With a total of 12+ years of High-end experience in the IT industry, we execute your projects with seasoned professionals ranging from domain experts to technical architects. We use cutting edge technologies such as Google Web Toolkit, Google Android, Java/J2EE, Spring and other latest Tablet and mobile technologies We believe in professionalism and we are proud to say that we are an Ethical company first before we are a Technology company. In just two years of life span, with a modest strength of 20 people, we have really grown and matured as a premier IT Services/Product company An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization Member of Madras Chamber of Commerce About EIT

  5. More than 13+ Years of High-end experience in the IT industry of which Seven Years in United States of America Architected/Managed and Delivered various web and batch applications in various domains such as Logistics, Retail, Financial, Social Networking, Location Based Services.... Has delivered numerous J2EE/Java Training Sessions in various firms including Carnegie Mellon University, Infosys, Cyber Initiatives, Igenesis, KRSL etc., Clients include Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, KPMG Consulting, Nippon Electronics Corporation (NEC), Capital Title Group and other major organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Fiserv CMG Certified CORBA (Common Request Broker Architecture) Professional Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) from University of Madras EIT Founder's Profile

  6. End-To-End Business Process Automation Enterprise Grade software development using cutting-Edge technologies Web 2.0, HTML 5, Tablet (Android, IOS) and Mobile (Android, IOS) Solutions Design, Multimedia services Our Services

  7. Software Architecture, Technology and Project Management Consulting Software Products including products in Software-as-a-Service model Significant expertise and grounding in Fleet management, Logistics, Vehicle tracking, Retail and Real-Estate domains Our Services

  8. Enterprise Grade Software development EIT is an Enterprise grade software development company in the likes of premier Top-tier companies but delivers high quality enterprise software at a considerably affordable cost Cutting- Edge Technologies We use cutting-edge Rich Internet/Intranet technologies such as Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google Android, Java/J2EE, Spring, Mobile and Tablet technologies Why EIT?

  9. Professional Ethics We believe in professionalism and ethics and we are proud to say that we are an ethical company first before we are a technology company Continuous Technology Research We solve complex business and technical problems through consistent Innovation and Research Why EIT?

  10. 100% Open Source Software This means the software we will use for development and deployment will be completely open source This means the software that you have to use to run our software will be open source. Security wise, this has huge advantages This also means that you will not have to buy any software for running our software Why EIT?

  11. Our Project Management Methodology - Agile/Scrum Individuals and Interactions > Processes and Tools Working Software > Comprehensive Documentation Customer collaboration >Contract Negotiation Responding to change >Following a Plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

  12. Our Technology Architecture – GWT + J2EE

  13. What is RIA & Why GWT? RIA is Rich Internet/Intranet Application (RIA) Today’s typical web applications are no different than web sites which gives the user a page by page slow sluggish response. For example, when a user clicks a link, server loads the data, prepares a new page with the data and then sends the page to the browser. RIA consciously avoids this page by page refresh cycle by shifting the page preparation to the client side. In other words, RIA is like a typical desktop application having the presentation logic in the client side itself that will reach the server only to obtain data. Thus, RIA retains the best of both world’s namely Thin client and Thick client architectures. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is probably the best RIA/Ajax framework in the industry that gives great performance, less maintenance and reliability

  14. Java/J2EE Technology Choice We know, for mission critical applications, services such as Remote method invocations Vast backend database integrations Transactions across databases Multi-Threading Message Oriented Middleware Web services of both types namely SOAP and REST Scalability At this point of time in the industry, probably the best enterprise level technology platform is Java/J2EE

  15. Some of our Achievements & Our Portfolio

  16. Some of our Achievements & Our Portfolio GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Portal

  17. GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Portal

  18. GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Architecture Capable of tracking 1000's of vehicles and handling 100's of Users

  19. Live Tracking - Shows where the vehicle is right now

  20. Back Tracking - Showswhere the fleet was say a month ago

  21. Some of our Achievements & Our Portfolio Supply Chain Management (SCM) Automation Solutions

  22. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Automation Solutions – Surface Transport Logistics

  23. Supply Chain Management - Surface Transport Architecture

  24. Supply Chain Management – Across Continent Architecture

  25. Login – Role based – Booking Manager, Transhipment Manager, Delivery Manager and Payment Collection Manager

  26. Booking - Dashboard

  27. Booking - Stocks Grouping

  28. Booking - Invoice Creation

  29. Transhipment - Stocks Intake

  30. Delivery - Cash Memo Generation

  31. Stocks Grouping For Door Delivery

  32. Trip Creation For Door Delivery

  33. Daily Collection By Cash/Cheque

  34. Some of our Achievements & Our Portfolio NexGenRetail – Our Next Generation Retail Solutions

  35. About NexGenRetail Two plus years in the making with solid Business Analysis and Cutting-Edge Technologies Can be a Web Solution handling Multiple Branches, or can be a In-Shop Intranet Solution or even can be a Desktop Solution With Integrated Financial Accounting, you can be rest assured that you have a measured business and a better forecasted future Automates Inventory, Purchase, Bulk Sales, Point of Sales and Financial accounting processes and provides centralized control for a chain of stores Based on the most technologically advanced and proven GWT/J2EE Architecture and is 100% Open Source Can be customized to any Retail Industries such as Supermarkets, Bookshops, Hardware, Apparel & Footwear and to almost any Retail Industry

  36. Point Of Sale – Screen Shot `

  37. Inventory

  38. Sales

  39. Sales Summary

  40. Sales Quotation

  41. Sales Credit Note

  42. Financial Accounting

  43. Some of our Achievements & Our Portfolio EIT's Corp Secure – Our USB Corporate Security Solution

  44. EIT CORP Secure Worried about unauthorized USBs in your network? Worried about data threats, viruses, malware and spyware spreading through USB drives?

  45. EIT CORP Secure Worried about unauthorized systems getting connected to your LAN network? illegal program deletion attempts, unauthorized uninstall attempts?

  46. EIT CORP Secure Confidential data in the wrong hands? Stealing of Important documents, important files and sensitive information by unauthorized drives?

  47. EIT CORP Secure Are you having any of these problems?

  48. Your safe and reliable Data Theft Prevention Software. Welcome to EIT CORP Secure Secure USB Access | Data Encryption | Full Server Side Control | LAN Systems Control | Complete Reporting

  49. EIT CORP Secure Architecture