brightstor arcserve backup for netware version 9 enterprise data protection n.
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BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare Version 9 Enterprise Data Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare Version 9 Enterprise Data Protection

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BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare Version 9 Enterprise Data Protection

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BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare Version 9 Enterprise Data Protection

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  1. BrightStor ARCserveBackup for NetWare Version 9Enterprise Data Protection

  2. Overview • The training for BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare v.9 will cover the following areas • ARCserve v9.0 New Features • Installation and Setup • Usability - User Interface, Job Status • Backup, Restore and Device Management • Database and Client Agent Technology • SAN and Image Technology • Cross-Platform SAN and Management considerations • Upgrade considerations • Licensing • Troubleshooting

  3. Introduction • BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare v9.0 is the first major upgrade from ARCserve v7.0, and includes multiple enhancements to existing functionality, as well as many new features that let you maximize backup and restore performance.

  4. Simplified Installation Process - NIS Streamlined Licensing Backup to Disk Command Line Interface Multiple NIC Support Snapshot Image support GroupWise 6 support Windows XP support Novell DR support Access Control Lists (ACL) Job Scheduler Wizard Web Style Interface User Profiles NSS support Small Tape Library support ARCserve v9.0 New Features

  5. BrightStor ARCserveBackup for NetWare Version 9Installation & Setup

  6. Overview • The training for ARCserve Installation & Setup will cover the following areas • Platform Support and Pre-Requisite Software • Usability/Functionality Changes • Install/Configuration • Upgrade considerations and supported paths • Pre-Requisite Operating Systems/Software • Troubleshooting

  7. Platform Support • Base Product • Novell 6.x, 5.x, 4.x • Remote Clients • Novell NetWare 6.x, 5.x, 4.x • Windows NT/2000/XP • Windows 95/98 • Unix ~ 6 flavors • Linux ~ Redhat, SuSe, Caldera • True cross-platform Integration • Windows/NetWare • Cross platform Management • Cross platform SAN

  8. Platform Support • Remote Clients • Windows NT/2000/XP • Advanced, Server, Professional Ed. • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP architecture • Windows 95/98 • Unix • Client Agent for AIX 4.2, 4.3, 5L • Client Agent for HP-UX 10.2, 11 • Client Agent for SCO • OpenServer/UnixWare • Client Agent for SGI • Client Agent for SUN Sparc 2.6, 2.7,2.8 2.9 • Client Agent for SUN Intel 2.6 • Linux • Client Agent for Linux • Redhat 6.x, 7.x • SuSe 6.x, 7.x • Caldera Open Linux eServer 2.3, eDesktop 2.4 • Turbo Linux Server/Workstation 6.x

  9. Pre-requisite’s – Manager • Operating Systems & Service Packs • Manager Requirements • Windows NT4 Workstation/Server (SP6a or above) • Windows 2000 Professional/Server (SP1 or above) • Windows XP Professional • Windows 95/98/ME Not supported • Other Software • Internet Explorer 5 or later • MSI 2.0 – Will be installed automatically if not found (reboot may be required).

  10. Pre-requisite’s - Server • Operating Systems & Service Packs • Server Requirements • NetWare 4.11 server (SP9 or above) • NetWare 4.2 server(SP9 or above) • NetWare 5.0 server (SP5 or above) • NetWare 5.1 server(SP3 or above) • NetWare 6.0 server(SP1 or above) • Other Requirements • Novell Client v4.83 or later on workstation • Supervisor Object Rights to [Root] object

  11. Pre-requisite’s – JVM • Operating Systems & Service Packs • Setup Requirements (Novell Client v4.83 on Workstation)

  12. Functionality changes • Install Types • Workstation-based Installation • Runs on Windows NT4/2000/XP workstation • Pre-requisites: • 256-color display • Novell Client v 4.83 • Server-based Installation • Runs on NetWare v5.x and 6.0 server • Novell Java Virtual Machine (JVM) • Install from NetWare Graphical Console or NetWare Configuration Console (nwconfig)

  13. Base (Server) Install Java Utilities Adapter Config Device Config Agents License Utility Small Tape Library support File Device System support Functionality changes

  14. Functionality changes • Base (Server) Install • Upgrade to Pervasive SQL (Btrieve) v7.94 (2000i SP4) (Limited version – two users) NetWare & Btrieve versions by default

  15. Usability Changes • New Product Installation Browser • Simplifies and automates installation steps, including the ability to create install scripts.

  16. Installing BAB Server

  17. Upgrade Considerations • Supported upgrade paths • ARCserve • ARCserveIT for NetWare v6.6 • ARCserve for NetWare v7.0 • Pervasive SQL • Upgrade to Pervasive SQL (Btrieve) v7.94 (Limited version – two users)

  18. Troubleshooting • Setup Log Files • Workstation-based Installation Location:C:\Program Files\Common Files\novell\ni\data\ Files:NI.LOG, nierrors.log, nioutput.txt, ASNWINSTALL.LOG • Server-based Installation Location:SYS:\ni\data\ Files:NI.LOG, nierrors.log, nioutput.txt, ASNWINSTALL.LOG

  19. Troubleshooting • Fatal Error? • Rename a Shipping Profile located at • C:\Program Files\Common Files\novell\ni\data\ip.db • SYS:\ni\update\data\ip.db

  20. Troubleshooting • BTI.CFG Apply Pervasive.SQL 2000i Post SP4 Hot Fixes

  21. BrightStor ARCserveBackup Version 9Multiple NIC Support

  22. Overview • The training for multiple NIC support will cover the following areas • Technology overview • Usability changes • Functionality changes • Installation consideration

  23. Option/technology Overview • Multiple NIC Card Support • Support is built into the base product and will allow users to specify the NIC cards to be used for backup and restore jobs. • This allows you to re-direct the backup streams to a dedicated segment • This functionality works as follows: • The user specifies the network adaptersto be used. • Before the start of a backup or restore session, the host server tries the network adapters sequentially as specified in the configuration file, one after another to connect to the destination server.

  24. Usability Changes • A multiple NIC configuration function has been added to both the front end and the back end • The backend can be accessed from the BrightStor scheduler console • The front end can be accessed from ARCserve Server Admin

  25. Configure Multiple NIC server-side

  26. Configure Multiple NIC manager-side

  27. Functionality Changes • IP addresses are saved in the configuration file ASCONFIG.INI on the host server. An example of the new sections of the ASCONFIG.INI is given below. • This section is used to store IP addresses for all the available network adapters. [Available network cards] Ipaddress1 = Ipaddress2 = Ipaddress3 = Ipaddress4 = TotalIPAvailable = 4 • This section is used to store IP addresses that are configured for using in the Backup and restore operations [Multiple NIC] EnableMultipleNIC = YES Ipaddress1 = Ipaddress2 = TotalIPSpecified = 2

  28. Installation Consideration • The use of multiple NIC relies on the use of the NW Agent on the remote server. • Since this option works only with TCPIP, the NW Agent is to be configured to use TCPIP. The NW Agent can be configured to use the TCPIP by specifying the following in the ASconfig.ini file in the nwagent directory on the target server. [Netware Agent] IPAddress =

  29. Summary • Multiple NIC must be configured before it can be used. • The host server tries the network adapters sequentially as specified in the configuration file. • The network adapters are used as specified in the configuration file and not the order in which they where selected, it may be necessary to manually modify the entries in the ASCONFIG.INI

  30. BrightStor ARCserveBackup Version 9Image Option

  31. Overview • The training for Image Option will cover the following areas • Technology overview • Usability Changes • Functionality changes • Pre-requisites • Installation consideration • Upgrade considerations • Backward compatibility

  32. Option/Technology Overview • The Image Option for BrightStor ARCserve NetWare allows you to backup server data at the sector level on the hard disks. It will be able to backup both traditional and NSS volumes and NSS pools on NetWare 6.0.   • Supported on NetWare 4.11, 4.2, 5.x and 6.0 • Restores a full NSS volume/pool, as well as selective volume and pool restores will be possible for NetWare 5.x and 6.0 servers.

  33. Option/Technology Overview • Selective file restore • User will be given option to select one or more files/directories to be restored from a pool backup on NW 6.0. At present, file level restore is not supported on NW 5.x NSS volumes. • By default, an Image backup job can only be submitted through the ARCserve Manager (GUI).

  34. Usability Changes Backup

  35. Usability Changes Backup

  36. Usability Changes Restore

  37. Usability Changes Restore

  38. Usability Changes Restore

  39. Usability Changes Restore

  40. The BrightStor ARCserve Backup Image Option allows you to perform high-speed backups of NetWare file system volumes, both traditional NetWare volumes and Novell Storage Services (NSS) volumes and pools, by accessing the data directly at a sector level rather than sending a request to the file system. Functionality changes

  41. Pre-requisite’s • BrightStor ARCserve Backup Base • Netware 4.11, 4.2, 5.x, 6.0

  42. Summary • Netware 6 NSS volumes are backed up at the pool level. If you have more that one volume in a pool all volumes within the pool will be backed up within the same session. • Traditional volumes and NetWare 6 NSS volumes support both Image and File level Restores • All NSS Image Restores are to original location only. • 5.x NSS backups are Image Only therefore all Restores are Image Restores

  43. Summary • Image is supported only for the HOST server • An Image restore cannot be cancelled due to the nature of the restore process

  44. BrightStor ARCserveBackup Version 9GroupWise 6 Support

  45. Overview • The training for GroupWise 6 Support will cover the following areas • Technology overview • Usability Changes • Functionality changes • Pre-requisites • Installation consideration • Upgrade considerations • Backward compatibility

  46. Option/Technology Overview • Support for GroupWise TSA • Support has been added to provide backup and restore of GroupWise through the TSA supplied by Novell. This will use the appropriate GroupWise TSA services and will take advantage of all performance benefits these provide. • BrightStor ARCserve Backup will now use the GroupWise TSA, GWTSA, if it exists on the GroupWise server to backup and restore the GroupWise mail server, domains and post offices.

  47. Add GroupWise Resource

  48. Add GroupWise Resource

  49. Select the GroupWise Resource for Backup

  50. Functionality changes • GroupWise Agent is no longer needed when backing up GroupWise 6 the processing is done by the GWTSA