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Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex

Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex. Sexual Anatomy Sexual Practices & Pleasure Sexual Identity Sexual Politics. Language Rules. Sexual Preference. Lifestyle Choice. Female External Organs. Clitoris Mons pubis Inner lips Outer lips Vaginal opening Organs collectively known as vulva. Clitoris.

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Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex

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  1. Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex Sexual Anatomy Sexual Practices & Pleasure Sexual Identity Sexual Politics

  2. Language Rules Sexual Preference Lifestyle Choice

  3. Female External Organs • Clitoris • Mons pubis • Inner lips • Outer lips • Vaginal opening • Organs collectively known as vulva

  4. Clitoris • Sensitive organ important in female sexual response • Tip - knob of tissue externally in front of vaginal opening and urethral opening • Shaft - consists of 2 corpora cavernosa • Crura - two longer spongy bodies that lie deep in body and run from tip to either side of vagina • Why do women have a clitoris???

  5. Female Internal Organs • Vagina • Uterus • Ovaries • Fallopian tubes

  6. Sexual Practices Talking about what people do

  7. How are our desires, what we do sexually and how we see our sexual selves a consequence of socialization? Why, and how, is women’s sexual freedom and pleasure of importance? What is the connection between pleasure and patriarchy? How do society, culture and politics influence the treatment of sexual minorities? Sexuality & Society

  8. Sexuality • The biological, behavioral, and political practices surrounding sex and physical intimacy • Sex: Why do it? • Sexual desire is socially constructed • Sex: How do we do it? • The politics of comprehensive sex education • Sex: Violence through neglect • The sexual/racial politics of HIV/AIDS

  9. Assumptions about Sexuality • Maleness & masculinity provide norms • Heteronormativity—heterosexual sexuality is the only normal expression of sexual intimacy • Women’s sexuality is equated with reproduction • Sexual activities occur in private

  10. Sexual Scripts Provide individuals with guidelines for sexual behavior • What are the limits and constraints of appropriate partners? • What acts are permissible to engage in? • When is sex permissible? • Where, setting or circumstance, can sex occur • Why engage in sex?

  11. Sexual Agency • The ability to effectively communicate sexual desires, beliefs, and boundaries • Related to how women see themselves and are seen in wider culture • Impacts rates of sexual violence, pregnancy (& abortion), STI transmission and sexual satisfaction • Acquired with sexual education and correlated with self-esteem and self-worth

  12. Woman Centered Definition of Sexual Problems Discontent or dissatisfaction with any emotional, physical or relational aspect of sexual experience

  13. Women’s Sexual Dysfunction: New Classifications • Socio-cultural, political or economic problems • Problems relating to partner & relationship • Psychological factors • Medical factors

  14. Female Sexual Satisfaction • Education & body awareness • Appreciate diversity, realize norms are just numbers • Focus on pleasure & sensuality, not orgasm • Look at whole life—political, economic, social & religious context

  15. Sexual Identity orientation, sexual behavior & diversity in sex acts How do society, culture and politics influence the treatment of sexual minorities?

  16. Sexual Orientation • Sexual orientation is a matter of the society’s sexual politics: the links between sexuality and other systems of oppression and privilege • Based on the sex and gender of the object of one’s desire • Not fixed, but can be perceived as permanent or “natural”

  17. Women’s Sexual Orientation • What is a lesbian? Who is a lesbian? • Kinsey Scale • Behavior & Fantasy • Social Behavior • Sexual Desire • Social Labeling • Sexual Behavior

  18. Straight—Queer The LGBTQ continuum • Queer—having a sexual orientation, sex, or gender identity or expression different from that acceptable in mainstream society. Not following heteronormative dictates. --In-group term • Lesbian continuum: The idea that woman-identified experience can be anywhere on a spectrum

  19. Heterosexism and Heteronormativity • Heterosexuality is the norm and is natural • people who do not fit this model are freaks • Men and women are assumed to be heterosexual unless there is proof to the contrary • Result is a push towards ideal of nuclear family, romantic love

  20. Sexual Politics Women’s Right to Bodily Integrity

  21. History of Sex Work in US • Pre WWI • Cult of Womanhood • 1920s • Suffragist movement • 1949 • United Nations Paper • 1970s • Sexual Revolution

  22. 84,000 to 2 million female sex workers in US Decrease in prostitution, increase in other work 4-10 year career Greater risk for violence, STDs Single, single mothers Smoke, alcohol, drug use History of sexual & physical abuse Mental health Low SES Heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual Sex Work Demographics & Statistics

  23. Juvenile Sex Work Demographics & Statistics • 150,000 arrests per year • Est. 600,000 juvenile sex workers • 77% female • 33-85% sexually & physically abused • Survival sex • Criminalized

  24. Types of Sex Work • Streetwalkers & Call girls • Panderer vs. pimp vs. madam • Exotic dancer/model • Adult industry actress • Porn vs. erotica • Dominatrix

  25. Sex work vs. sex slavery • International trafficking for sex, domestic work & marriage • Recruitment • Working conditions • Sex Tourism • Not nature of activity but conditions • Forced labor in prostitution vs. forced prostitution • Double & triple victimization

  26. Legalization State regulation of sex business issue licenses, require adherence to health laws, collect taxes Decriminalization Repeal of all laws against the exchange of sex for gain among consenting adults Sex Work & the law

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