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Oxycodone. By: Drew Heiges , Olivia Best, and Alyssa Albright. Name of Drug . The name is called Oxycodone. Classification of drug.

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  1. Oxycodone By: Drew Heiges, Olivia Best, and Alyssa Albright

  2. Name of Drug • The name is called Oxycodone.

  3. Classification of drug • This drug is classified as an Opioid Analgesic Medication. which means it works by affecting the Opioid receptor in your brain and alters brain function by numbing the nerves that cause pain.

  4. Visual characteristics • *It is marketed alone as oxycontin*Comes in 10, 20, 40 and 80 mg controlled release tablets http://elibrary.bigchalk.com/elibweb/curriculum/do/document?urn=urn:bigchalk:US;BCLib;document;139296749

  5. Long Term Effects • * causes severe liver damage* overdose effects: extreme drowsiness, muscle weakness, confusion, cold and clammy skin, pinpoint pupils, shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, coma, and possible death *Effect on body- pain relief, sedation, respiratory depression, constipation, papillary constriction, cough suppression *euphoria and feelings of relaxation are the most common effects on the brain *The inability to breathe is one of the leading causes of death in overdoses of oxycodone

  6. Short-term affects • Nausea • sedation • dizziness • vomiting • headache • dry mouth • sweating • weakness http://elibrary.bigchalk.com

  7. Well depicted case of abuse • Susan, 21, drank more than two liters of vodka while taking 1,000 mg of oxycodone every day she also took 20 mgs of Xanax in 24 hours. This caused her to become very sick and get hospitalized for a couple weeks she went to rehab but when she was done she started using the drugs again and died.

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