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Selling Online

Selling Online

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Selling Online

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  1. Selling Online How to become an Internet Entrepreneur Jon Harvey, M.S.

  2. Amazon Gives you Structure • You can only sell what Amazon already sells. • Costs • Fees • Per item – You pay $.99 per item sold. (Books are 1.35) • Percentage – They take %15 • Shipping • You have to pay for shipping and packaging. • Up to $1.79 for packaging. • Media Mail at USPS. $2.38 per pound. • $5.52 if you did it for free. • Amazon pays you $3.99 for postage. • Worldwide • Safe

  3. Craigslist is free. • Free • No shipping • Local • Free to describe • Face to face

  4. Find Out What People WordWhizKid • First, if you haven't already been on Amazon a lot, browse their Web site to get an idea of what people sell. • Most people go to Amazon for books, movies and music, but you can sell other things such as kitchen utensils, makeup, computer software, home and garden supplies and much more.

  5. Gather your Inventory • Now, look through your home for items you no longer need or want. School books, college texts, guides, new books, old movies, foreign films and electronics can be especially lucrative. • Assemble the things you want to sell and make sure they're all in useable condition -- no scratches on CDs or DVDs and no ripped out pages from books, etc.

  6. Create an Account • Now create an account on Amazon if you don't already have one. It's fast, easy and free and all you need is your name, address and e-mail. • Unlike eBay, Amazon does not charge to list items (unless you are a Pro Merchant subscriber, but that's not necessary to sell your own stuff).

  7. Enter Inventory Data • Once you have your account, go to My Account at the top of the page and then click Your Seller Account. • Next click List Single Items. • Enter the category (DVD, for instance) and then either enter the title of the item or the ISBN number. • The ISBN number can be found on the back of books or other media -- it's the long number with the bar code. If you can't find it or it doesn't pull anything up with the ISBN, it's best to just enter the title and search.

  8. Describe Item’s Condition • When your item comes up in the search, click on it to see what people are charging. If it's not much (say, $2 or less), don't list your item. If it's selling for enough money in your eyes, list your item. • Make sure to describe the accurate condition. If it's a book, say Used Like New, for instance, if the book has no marks and appears new but has minor shelf wear on the binding. • Make sure to say "minor shelf wear on the binding" in the comments box when you list the book.

  9. Deliver the Goods • The best way to make lots of money on Amazon is to be consistent and deliver on your promises. • Don't try to pass off used items as new and when you get an order from a customer (Amazon will notify you), ship the item within two business days. People will leave lots of positive feedback if you ship quickly so ship within 24 hours of receiving the order if you can. • Another way to make lots of money on Amazon is to put a lot of items up for sale. Most of us only watch movies once so why keep them around if you need the money? List them and make some fast cash. • Another selling tip is to sell school books around the time college kids start new semesters. These usually sell well in August, September and January. • How to make money online on Amazon

  10. Create a Craigslist Account.By getbusy • In order to post items for sale on craigslist, you have to have an account. • It is easy to set up with a valid e-mail account and it's free. • Once you have set up your account you can post in any category.

  11. Take a picture and add a phone number. • The most important aspect of posting a craigslist ad for responses is to include a picture of the item. • In fact, if you don't have a good quality picture, your chances of getting a response are less than 10%. • Take your digital camera and take three or four good quality photos of the item from different angles. • Make sure the item is well lit or in the sunlight, so the details or quality of your item can easily be seen. • Load those digital photos onto your computer and place at least three in the ad. • Also, always include a phone number, even your cell phone, as many eager buyers want immediate feedback on the item. If you wait for the craigslist e-mail initiated response, it may be too late.

  12. Research the market. • Look at other like items to see what the asking prices are in your area. • Look and see how the items are described and shown. • Ask yourself, "are they something you would buy for the listed price"? • List the benefits of your item and tell the potential buyer how your item stands out from the other items on craigslist. • Describe in detail the features of your item. • The more information you can provide, the fewer calls you will receive from people just asking questions.

  13. Be Honest and Real. • Don't mislead people on the quality of your item or any major details. • People will be highly upset if they drive across town to pick up the item only to find it isn't exactly like you described. • Be professional and credible in your craigslist posting.

  14. List the posting with the exact location. • Many people will search the listings by location as they may not want to drive across the county. • Not only put the city in your listing, but also ad major cross streets of your location. • More How tos on • Packing Tips.

  15. Be careful of fraud! • Hello • I will like to know if the above item is still available for sale, i will like to buy this item so plsi do want you to withdraw the advert from Craigslist idont mind giving • you an extra $50 to add to it cosidontwant to lose this this item. • I will also like you to know that i will • be paying via check due to the distance as i am located in TN.I will need you to provide me with the • following information to facilitate the mailing of the check. • 1.Your full name • 2.Your mailing address be it residential or postal address 3.Your phone number. • **I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping i will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check** Have a nice day RAY BUSH