best 10 wooden cradles for babies in india wooden n.
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Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India

Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India

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Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India

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  1. Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India Wooden cradles are a classic. They never go out of style. What your baby needs is a cradle that is spacious, sturdy and safe. The good news is that there are many manufacturers whom you can purchase a crib for your baby from. But, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Here are the top 10 wooden cradles available in India to make cradle shopping easier for you. #1.Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Price: Rs.44299 Available in Cherry and French White Colors, this classic wooden cradle is made from solid wood and comes with intricate engraving that looks sophisticated and aristocratic. It comes with a fitted mattress to ensure complete comfort for the little one. When you want the little one to have a good night’s sleep, you can use the stoppers to prevent the cradle from rocking.

  2. Best 10 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India

  3. #2.Baybee Wooden Cradle Price: Rs.16990 This is an all in one cradle that even functions as a crib and a cot, avoiding added expenses. This beautiful handcrafted cradle is made from polish-finished pine wood and looks extremely elegant. It comes with added storage, mosquito net and a complete bedding set to make sure that your baby is secure. #3.MeeMee Baby Cradle Price: Rs.7999 The design is stylish and simple with a body that is made from premium grade wood for more endurance. This cradle is very easy to move around thanks to the wheels that also come with brakes when you want to lock it in place. You can be rest assured that your baby is free from any insect bites thanks to the mosquito net that is attached to it. #4.Badger Basket Portable Price: Rs.30,089 What is most attractive about this wooden cradle is the detailing in the bedding which includes a skirt, liner, sheet, a canopy and even a mattress. All the bedding is machine washable. This is a rocking cradle that comes with a portable bassinet so you can carry the baby’s bed with you wherever you go. It has a generous storage box at the base that also doubles as a toy storage area to put your little one’s toys away when not in use.