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Healthy Eating Guide for Rowan Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Eating Guide for Rowan Students

Healthy Eating Guide for Rowan Students

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Healthy Eating Guide for Rowan Students

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  1. Healthy Eating Guide for Rowan Students Amanda Zaki

  2. Difficulty Maintaining a Healthy Diet on a College Campus All students have busy schedules and sometimes it’s easier to pick up fast food to eat Stress from school/classes leads to unhealthy eating habits Unhealthy foods are readily available on campus and are quick College students eat late at night which isn’t a healthy habit Consumption of alcohol

  3. Chart of the Causes of Weight Gain in College

  4. The “Freshman Fifteen” To some the “Freshman Fifteen” is a myth while to other’s it’s a reality This is about how students entering college typically gain weight within just their first year whether it’s 5, 10, 15, or even 20 llbs! Having healthy eating habits while in college will keep you at a healthy weight

  5. Your Health is a Balance • Exercising directly effects your health • Your diet directly effects your health • Getting enough sleep directly effects your health • Keeping these three balanced is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a college student

  6. Foods to Avoid Foods high in sugar Foods high in sodium Foods high in saturated and trans fat Reduce red meat intake High amount of carbs FAST FOODS!

  7. Foods to Eat More of Vegetables Fruits Lean Meats White Fish Eggs Drink lots of water!

  8. Bad Places to Eat OUTSIDE of Campus Pizza Hut & Dominoes Taco Bell McDonald’s & Wendy’s Tony Luke’s PRIME These places are only a walking distance away from Rowan’s campus!

  9. Bad Places to Eat ON Campus PROF’S Much of the Cafeteria Food Underneath Cafeteria in student center: - Burrito, Mac & Cheese, and Pizza Station’s

  10. Good Places to eat OUTSIDE of Campus Salad Works Samurai Sushi Shoprite (healthy foods available to be purchased)

  11. Good Places to eat ON Campus Underneath Cafeteria in student center: Salad Station Jersey Mikes Cafeteria Food: Organic and Healthy sections separated in cafeteria along with Salad station Muscle Maker in the Gym

  12. You are in CONTROL Just because these fast-food places to eat are “quick” and readily available doesn’t mean they are your only options! There are still healthy options for you to eat on and off campus It is up to YOU to chose and have self control when deciding which foods to consume As shown in the previous slides the cafeteria’s have unhealthy food available to be eaten but ALSO healthy and organic options to chose from as well! Being a college student also means independence… you make your own choices!