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Ahmedabad Tour Operators | Tour Operators in India |Domestic and International Tour Packages

Jn Rao is well known Tour Operator of Ahmedabad India; we brought to you Domestic as well as International Tours. We also arrange Medical tour.

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Ahmedabad Tour Operators | Tour Operators in India |Domestic and International Tour Packages

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  1. Gujarat Tourism J N Rao Travel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

  2. India is a huge country and Gujarat is the seventh largest state of the country. It is a tourist friendly state and has been visited by a large number of Domestic and International tourists in recent years. There are various types of tourist destinations in Gujarat that allures the tourists since a long time. AmitabhBachchan - a legendary actor of Indian cinema is the Brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism. Gujarat Tourist Destinations From wildlife destinations to adventure trips and from spiritual places to historical architectural sites, tourist can find great diversity in this state. Gujarat is equally famous for Medical tourism and Business tourism. Vibrant Gujarat is one of the prime examples of it. This event sees many leaders, politicians, corporate giants and investors. Talking about the Fairs & Festivals, the International Kite Festival, Kankaria Carnival and Kutch Ran Utsav are very popular events of the state. • Following are some of the popular Tourist destinations in Gujarat: • Dwarka Temple • SaputaraHill station • Lothal • Nalsarovar Bird sanctuary • Tarnetal Festival – Saurashtra • International Kite Festivals

  3. Dwarka Temple – Janmashtami Festival Dwarka is a small city on the coast of Gujarat, and according to Hindu legend it was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. This attracts many Krishna devotees throughout the year, and specially during the festival celebrating his birth - Janmashtami, in the months of August or September. The Dwarkadheesh Temple, made of limestone and sand, is one of the main attractions at Dwarka. The present temple was built in the 16th century, while the original temple is believed to have been built by Krishna's great grandson. Dwarka is considered to be one of the holiest cities in Hindu belief.

  4. Saputara Hill Station Perched on the Sahyadri hills, on the Gujarat- Maharashtra border, surrounded by forests and inhabited by ancient tribes, lies the scenic hill resort of Saputara - picture perfect with lakes, streams, woodlands and hills. At the heart, is a lake, with boating facilities. A climbing road takes one up to the kilometre-long Chimney Ropeway, from where one can glimpse a panoramic view of the hills. With small, flittering waterfalls all around, lush green surroundings and a cool, bracing climate, throughout the year, the spot is the perfect getaway for the urban denizen.  One can also trek all the way up to here. Visitors can pick up pretty pieces of pottery, jewellery, vases, paintings, pen stands and key chains; made from bamboo chips and other locally available material. In the workshops organized by local craftsmen, children can learn to make simple items.

  5. Lothal - Carvings or Vibrant Fresco Walls You arrive in Lothal and see no intricate carvings or vibrant fresco walls. No grand fortifications or temples. Instead you see flat and desolate ruins.  But you have come not for what is visible now; rather, to imagine what once was. And in the emptiness, you recreate for yourself a unique drama of the place that some believe was the cradle of the subcontinent’s oldest civilization. Lothal, literally “Mound of the Dead”, is the most extensively excavated site of Harappan culture in India, and therefore allows the most insight into the story of the Indus Valley Civilization, its exuberant flight and its tragic decay. Once a sleepy pottery village, Lothal rumbled awake to become a flourishing centre of trade and industry, famous for its expertly constructed system of underground sanitary drainage, and an astonishing precision of standarized weights and measures. Unlike many other doorways into Harappan culture, Lothal passed through all the phases of the society, from earliest development to most mature. In the height of its prosperity, it not only survived but was strengthened by three floods, using the disaster as an opportunity to improve on the infrastructure. The fourth flood finally brought the settlement to the desperate and impoverished conditions that indicated the end of a powerful civilization.

  6. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary A black tailed godwit gracefully descends upon the tranquil water, flutters its wings and sails on. A small, brown and white wader with a slightly up curved bill, the bird has traveled 3500 kms from its nesting ground in Central Europe to spend the winter at Nalsarovar in Gujarat! Clouds upon clouds of more than 200 types of birds land in this lake having made an equally long journey to escape the harsh winter of their nesting areas. Here they find food and warmth. These migrant birds visit Nalsarovar every year from November to February. During these four months water is plentiful and fish, insects and aquatic plants abound in the lake - an ideal environment for the birds. Nalsarovar at this time is a birdwatcher's delight. When food and water are scarce in Nalsarovar, some birds go away for short periods to nearby areas and return to the lake after monsoon to a feast of fish and insects. These are the resident birds. The lake - Nalsarovar - and the wetlands around it were declared a bird sanctuary in 1969. Spread over 120 sq.kms, the lake and the extensive reed beds and marshes are an ideal habitat for aquatic plants and animals. The lake attracts a large variety of birds like plovers, sandpipers and stints.

  7. Tarnetar Festival - Saurashtra The 3-day Tarnetar Fair is a one-of-a-kind fair, held every year in Gujarat. This fair is the most important one in the region of Saurashtra, Gujarat. It is attended by more than 1 lakh people, who travel from far and near, for this unique occasion. People are dressed in their best and the temple courtyard is alive with devotional music. Traditionally believed to go back to the ancient legend of Draupadi'sSwayamvara, from the Mahabharata, this festival has been taking place since 200-250 years. Visitors will see people in gorgeous costumes, as people come to find their future spouse.  The fair is a modern-day Swayamvar for the tribal youth. The fair is attended by villagers from all over Saurashtra, in their colorful traditional attire. Tribes from the adjoining areas of Koli, Bharwad, Rabari, Khant, Kathi and Charan. The atmosphere comes alive with dancing, competitive sports and other forms of entertainment. Bullock carts and horse carts are traditionally decorated, and add to this festive and joyous occasion. People spontaneously break into folk song and folk dances, accompanied by unique folk musical instruments, making this a delightful experience for visitors. The TarnetarMela covers a large part of the Tarnetar village. This mela has hundreds of stalls selling traditional hand-made artifacts and crafts ranging from jewelry to statues of deities. JN Rao Tours organizes special tours to this wonderful festival of sights, sounds and colors. We ensure that you experience all aspects of it, without any worry about accommodation, food or travel.

  8. International Kite Festivals What MakarSankranti is one of India's most vibrant festivals, celebrated across the nation as a harvest festival. This festival occurs on the 14th of January, and marks the beginning of the sun's journey northward. Makar means Capricorn, and Sankranti means transition. This day marks the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The important of this day is even mentioned in the ancient epic of the Mahabharata. While the traditional Indian calendar has lunar events, MakarSankranti is the only solar festival in the year. India is a large and diverse country, and each state celebrates MakarSankranti in their own way, and it is known by different names. On this day many people take a dip in the river Ganga. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the festival is called Uttarayana & it is a day for kite-flying. The skies come alive with hundreds of kites of different sizes, shapes and color. It doesn't matter which part of India you are visiting, MakarSankranti is a joyous day with a lively and celebratory mode that you will enjoy. Let us know your interests, and JN Rao Tours can organize a wonderful trip to India for you, coinciding with this festival. Where This festival is celebrated all across India. In some states such as Gujarat, there is kite-flying, while in other states there are other rituals of cock-fights, displays of cattle, or lighting of bonfires. When MakarSankranti occurs on the 14th of January every year.

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