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Rene Martinez

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Rene Martinez

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  1. Yellowstone National Park Rene Martinez

  2. Yellowstone History • The human history of the Yellowstone region goes back more than 11,000 years. From about 11,000 years ago to the very recent past, many groups of Native Americans used the park as their homes, hunting grounds, and transportation routes.

  3. 1797 • David Thompson, explorer and geographer in the British fur trade of the Northwest, used the words "Yellow Stone" in notes he made while visiting Mandan villages on the upper Missouri. John Colter, who had traveled with Lewis and Clark, visited the area, was probably the first white man to get a glimpse of Yellowstone. .

  4. 1872 • On March 1, President Ulysses Grant signed into existence the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park. The 2.2 million acres of wilderness was set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

  5. 1903 • The Lacey Act is passed by Congress, giving full protection to wildlife in Yellowstone Park except wolves and coyotes and paving the way for future wildlife and environmental movements. In 1903 the most famous structure  in Yellowstone, the Old Faithful Inn, is built.

  6. 1959 • A massive earthquake to the west of Yellowstone kills 28 people and sets off such geyser activity in the Park as had never been observed before.

  7. Geysers • is home to some 10,000 thermal features, over 500 hundred of which are geysers. In fact, Yellowstone contains the majority of the worlds geysers. Ageyser is a type of hot spring that erupts periodically, ejecting a column of hot water and steam into the air.

  8. What to do at Yellowstone • In the world's first national park, the land, wildlife, vistas and famous attractions, including Old Faithful, are as wondrous as ever. At Yellowstone you can camp out and watch the wildlife roam around.

  9. Animal Life The animals that occupy Yellowstone are American bison Amphibians Bears Bighorn sheep Bobcats Canadian Lynx Coyotes Elk Fish Moose Mountain goats Mountain Lions Mule Deer Reptiles Wolves