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Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies

Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies

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Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies

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  1. Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies

  2. SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd • Privately owned company established in 2006 • Our product “My Tracer” is a locally developed, brilliant, fully internet based GPS Vehicle Tracking System integrated with an innovative Automated Electronic Logbook solution with SARS acepted travel claims calculated for you • SAIAS acredited and Preferred provider to ABSA, ATKV and Cross Country for insurance purposes Mission Statement To continuously develop, improve and optimize our product range, in order to enable our customers to protect and effectively manage their assets. We also strive to empower our customers to win the battle against crime and make our country an honest place to live in.

  3. Problems Vehicle Rental Companies are facing daily • Company personnel booking out vehicles for private use • Fuel fraud • Vehicle parts theft • Calculation of auto toll fees in Gauteng Johannesburg • Accurate trip distance billing • Vehicle theft and high jack situations

  4. My Tracer may have Solutions • My Tracer is a vehicle tracking company • Providing fleet management tools • Stable GPS GSM GPRS tracking units • Information sent via Cell Phone networks • Unique computer software for plotting of vehicle positions on street maps or Google maps • Unique and customizable reporting

  5. Info received from tracking units • Accurate GPS coordinates • Plotting at 15 second intervals • Internal battery status • Ignition on/off reporting • Vehicle speed • Unit tampering warning • Driver identification possible

  6. Accuracy with 15 Second Intervals No cut corners ensures accurate distance calculation Google Map shows delivery point clearly Accurate total daily distance travelled is recorded ensuring an accurate logbook Very accurate destination position (within 5 meters) Very accurate logbook trip distances recorded

  7. Unique computer Software • Beautiful snail trails of vehicle trips • 1 to 5 Year history of trips stored depending on company requirements • Intelligent and customizable reporting • History reporting on vehicles positions related to a selected location • Logbook keeping and SARS accepted travel claims calculated

  8. What makes “My Tracer” Special • Unit’s memory and buffering capacity • Unit’s battery saving sleep mode • Functionality verification of units • Alarm notifications of all your units on our system, all in one box • Emergency services

  9. Set Vehicle Alarm Times Step 2 - Click on “Vehicle Settings” Only the Main Contact number will be able to activate or deactivate this vehicle’s alarm from his/her cell phone by calling *120*1200*120#

  10. Vehicle Abuse by Personnel • History of trips made during a selected period easily plotted on maps • Distances travelled during a selected period calculated • Distance travelled between last paying customer check in and next customer check out reported for each vehicle in fleet • Disputes quickly solved with proof of trips made and distance travelled

  11. Fuel Fraud • Average fuel consumption of each vehicle calculated • Daily reporting on vehicles with abnormal fuel consumption • Culprits stealing fuel easily identified and dealt with • Huge cost savings to rental company

  12. Vehicle Parts Theft • Tire checks shows excessive usage compared to distance travelled • Batteries replaced with old battery • Engine parts stolen or manipulated • Sudden gearbox problems • Alternators stolen or tampered with • Regular vehicle inspections will identify any tampering with vehicle parts

  13. Solving this Problem • History of trips made indicates locations where vehicle stopped for more than 5 minutes • Identify suspect location(s) regularly visited by vehicles tampered with • Obtain a history report on all the vehicles in the fleet that visited suspect locations during a chosen time period

  14. New to come - Auto Toll fees on freeways in Johannesburg • Our intelligent software knows the exact positions of all the automated toll gates • The amount charged at each toll gate programmed in our system • The software generates a toll fee every time a vehicle passes a toll gate • Easy reporting on toll fees generated during a trip or period of vehicle usage

  15. Vehicle Usage Billing • We keep track and record all trips made and distances travelled by every vehicle • You tell us how your billing per kilometer and/or duration of use works and we will do the rest • Provide us with the layout of your invoices and we generate and print your invoices according to the rules you specified • Import the invoice so generated into your accounting program

  16. Vehicle Theft and High jacking • Vehicle recovery services rendered by ITA • Years of experience with excellent track record of successful recoveries of stolen vehicles • Road side assistance in accident or emergency situations • Easy location and recovery of a missing rented vehicle

  17. Emergency Services • “Auto fortify” (Invisable Alarm) breach - SMS notification to three nominated Cell Phones • “Only-Go” and “No-Go” breach - SMS notification to three nominated Cell Phones • Send Cell Phone “Help Message” to three people with time, location and Cell number • Recovery team responce for vehicle theft, high jack or hostage situation, emergency road side assistance, cargo and asset protection and the like

  18. Screen shots and samples of the My Tracer System • Single screen display of all vehicle details • Vehicle snail trail of trips • Grouping and color coding of vehicles • Grouping and color coding of POI ‘s • Geo - Fence Control • Google maps display • Samples of generated reports • Cell phone screen display

  19. Info displayed on Single Screen Main menu with dropdown lists Detail pertaining to this vehicle Action “Icons” Detailed street map Calender Trip details Action “Icons”

  20. Trip Info at a Glance Red and Yellow flashing dot indicates speed violation Green dot displays positions during trip Click on any dot to display detailed information Red dot shows vehicle was stationary Flashing dot shows where trip ended

  21. Arrange your vehicles in Groups Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel” Step 4 – Name Group Step 2 – Click on “Manage Groups” Step 3 – Click on “Add Group” Step 5 – Colour code Group Step 6 – Click to add Group

  22. View Group POI’s in a Province Step 1 – Scroll over “View POI’s” Step 2 – Scroll over the Province to view Step 3 – Click on the Group to view

  23. “Geo-Fence” Control • “No-Go” means that you select a group of vehicles then mark an area on the map that these vehicles are not allowed to enter • “Only-Go” means that you select a Group of vehicles then mark an area on the map which these vehicles are not allowed to leave

  24. Add “No-Go” area for groups Step 2 – Select the Group of vehicles Step 1 – Scroll over “Geo-Fence Control” Step 3 – Click on “Add No-Go” Click on arrows to move the map up, down, left or right or hold down the left mouse button and move the map Click on (+) to zoom in Click on (–) to zoom out

  25. Manage Multi-User Access in the Company Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel” Step 2 – Click on “Manage Users” Step 3 – Click on “Add User” Step 4 – Add details of a new user and allocate a unique password for him/her Step 5 – Check the groups of vehicles this user will be allowed to view the details of Step 6 - Click to add user

  26. Versatile screen Viewing Step 1 – Click + plus sign to select different viewing options Riviera on Vaal Hotel Anglo’s Coalmine Vaal river bridge Maccauvlei Golf Clubhouse

  27. Sample of “General Trip” Report Shows chosen vehicle and time period End Date and Time Average speed for this trip Distance travelled Destination address Start Date and Time Trips are numbered Trip – Private or Business use Reason for being Private or Business

  28. Sample of “POI Visited” Report Shows chosen vehicle and time period Departure time noted Arrival time noted Visits are numbered Nearest POI visited noted

  29. Sample of “All Vehicles” Report Spread sheet listing all of the information submitted about all your vehicles

  30. Sample of your SARS Report

  31. View selected vehicle’s position Step 8 – Select screen display size Step 7 – Click here to auto track Information regarding selected vehicle’s position displayed

  32. Thank you for your attention