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Facts about Marijuana History PowerPoint Presentation
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Facts about Marijuana History

Facts about Marijuana History

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Facts about Marijuana History

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  1. Facts About Marijuana History



  4. The term marijuana is first attested in Mexican Spanish it was widely used, and popular among, some of the world’s earliest civilizations. Since ancient times marijuana has been use for medicine, In China marijuana has been use for treatment for   gout, rheumatism and malaria. It’s also been well documented that cannabis plant has been originally originates on central and southern Asia, but it’s been well-traveled weed. Around 7000-8000 BCE dried hemp or cannabis plant has been woven into fabric, it provides 80% of all textiles and fabrics, including over 50% of the fabric called linen. Hemp seeds were used as food in China, Asia Minor, Middle East and Japan. In 1000 BC to 1883 A.D.  cannabis become the world`s largest agricultural byproducts supporting civilization`s most important industries like fabric, oil for lighting, paper, medicines and foods.


  6. In India cannabis is named as one of the “Sacred Grass” in the Hindu sacred text Arthava-Veda and was used as an offering to Shiva. It is also mentioned in Jewish Talmud as a euphoric properties and also use in several ritualistic purposes, while the Persian religious text known as the Zoroastrian Zendavesta, refer marijuana as the “good narcotics”. While according to Herodotus a Greek Historian Sycthians Tribes, an ancient nomadic people, they used marijuana in sacred ceremonies and to induce trance-like spiritual experiences and for divination.  In ancient Germanic paganism they associated marijuana to their Norse God know as Freya a love goddess. They believed Freya live in a Hemp plant flower and by consuming it they will be filled with divinity.


  8. In 1492 A.D. Christopher Columbus brought the Sativa Cannabis to North America for industrial purposes, it was until early 20th century  the use of recreational marijuana has become to popup and become popular . Some former U.S President use marijuana as their primary and secondary crop for industrial purposes, George Washington grew marijuana plants for fiber production in Mount Vernon, while Thomas Jefferson urged farmers at Monticello to grow weed plants instead of tobacco because of its many qualities and lastly Benjamin Franklin used marijuana as the raw materials for paper productions.


  10. As of ancient times until today marijuana has been useful for many purposes, even though some anti-drug advocates sees that it is harmful and addictive. Cannarex is one of recreational marijuana retailer in Mount Vernon Wa, it a license and sell only high grade marijuana products for your needs.