why should you choose custom vinyl decal over n.
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Why Should You Choose Custom Vinyl Decal over Wall Hangings PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Should You Choose Custom Vinyl Decal over Wall Hangings

Why Should You Choose Custom Vinyl Decal over Wall Hangings

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Why Should You Choose Custom Vinyl Decal over Wall Hangings

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  1. Why Should You Choose Custom Vinyl Decal over Wall Hangings Traditional wall hangings seem to be losing their appeal over vinyl decals going into the future. Vinyl decals are simply stickers that you affix directly on the wall, primarily for decoration. These decals are also known as vinyl stickers or wall tattoos. The popularity of custom vinyl decal isn’t simply a fad or trend that will soon lose traction. This decorative option seems to be a permanent feature in decorative wall solutions. There are also many advantages of vinyl decals over traditional wall hangings. Easy to Install and Cost Effective If you want to adorn an entire wall such as a hallway, think of all the picture frames, paintings, print art and other wall hangings you need to buy. Custom vinyl decal comes printed in the appropriate size and only takes a few minutes to install. You don’t need any tool kits or special knowledge to adorn your walls. Wall decals also save you the time and energy dealing with hammers and nails.

  2. Endless Possibilities Where wall hangings are concerned, you are mostly at the mercy of the artist. Your options in this case are typically restricted to what is available for purchase. With custom vinyl decal on the other hand, if you can dream it, you can have it on your wall. These decals come in complex patterns and color combinations. You can also get actual images regardless of what you envision. It could easily be an image of the amazon or the iconic image of Ali standing over Sonny Liston. No Blemishes on Your Wall Installing pictures or wall hangings typically means leaving blemishes or marks on your wall. Wall decals on the other hand simply adhere to the walls. You don’t need to hammer or puncture anything. The decal is also easily removable and does not leave any type of residue such as paste or paint. It is a clean and neat decorative process that you can easily change or update on a whim. Adorn Any Surface Wall hangings are limited in terms of where you can install them. Custom vinyl decal on the other hand stretches out the possibilities endlessly. There are no limits to your interior design whether you want to adorn a book shelf, wardrobe, mirror, window, glass, and door or toy chest. Wall decals stand out as the best option for artistic expression, creativity and personalization. High Quality Finally, it is true that wall hangings have the potential to last a lifetime. Vinyl decal technology has made tremendous progress where quality is concerned. You can expect your decals to last as long as you need before the next update or change with only subtle maintenance required. Parting Shot Custom vinyl wall decals are here to stay and are fast replacing and complementing traditional wall hangings. The design possibilities are arguably the biggest advantage of wall decals over traditional hangings. The opportunity to

  3. decorate your home exactly as you envision it is alone enough to convince you that vinyl decal is the way to go. . . .