10 ideas for a perfect gift when concluding every n.
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10 Ideas for a Perfect Gift When Concluding Every Office Party PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Ideas for a Perfect Gift When Concluding Every Office Party

10 Ideas for a Perfect Gift When Concluding Every Office Party

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10 Ideas for a Perfect Gift When Concluding Every Office Party

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  1. 10 Ideas for a Perfect Gift When Concluding Every Office Party Event Planner in Singapore – Best Event Ideas To Steal Today (2019) So now that your party is coming to its conclusion, merely ending things with a thank you speech for your guests isn’t going to cut it. For your party that you throw say in Singapore, any professional office Event Planner in Singapore will advise you to make things as merry at the conclusion as at the beginning of the event. But to choose a parting gift for your guests is akin to choosing a TV series to watch with Netflix, there are just so many options. So to make it less of a hassle for you, here’s a list of 10 perfect gift ideas when concluding any office party. (These gifts apart from being very attractive & usable, are also easy on your wallet.) 1. Good ol’ wine bottle:Being an obvious choice doesn’t make it any less appealing, especially to your party guests. Not much else to write home here, a wine bottle is just an elegant offering that your employees (of course given that they don’t mind a sip every now and then) will be accepting gleefully. 2. Color pencil Set & holder: Before you ask, no, the mentioned gift isn’t limited to school children in its usability. A pencil set is a utility offering for anyone, especially a desk seated office worker. And with the addition of a charming holder (like a pen porcupine), the desk also

  2. looks more pleasing. The office party gift here meets all the criteria. A simple, cute, harmless, highly applicable and affordable gift choice that is handy as it is simplistic. 3. Electric Mug Warmer: Your office coffee/tea is only worth having when it is warm. Now all your office workers definitely have mugs, some of them have a dozen of them, so rather gift them mug warming equipment that can keep their beverages hot and fresh. Not many of us are morning people, especially without a dose of hot coffee running through our veins. 4. Personalized Tactical pen: Offering a plain old pen makes you look kind of a penny-pincher, but a tactical pen, on the other hand, is a multipurpose tool that comes in handy in day to day situations. This personalized item often includes self-defense features (like a glass breaker and stuff) and most of all, can be used for writing, you know, the thing a pen is supposed to do. 5. Waterproof memo pads: If you really fancy a highly professional, office friendly, formal yet serviceable office gift, then there are really worse things to look at than a waterproof Notepad. An extremely cost friendly choice, all your office workers will definitely get a lot of use out of it. Why not do it one better, you can also include an adult coloring book while at it, so that the recipients also have a leisurely item along with a convenient office scheduler. 6. Mini desk games: Unless you work at an Apple headquarters, chances are your workplace wouldn’t have a bowling room, a golf course, a pool table, basketball court or a soccer field. With that said, you can always offer your employees a similar facility with these desk-sized boarding games that are highly affordable. Your workers during their free time can have a great time, and get rid of all the stress that accumulates over long working hours. 7. Evergreen Chocolate & cheese: There’s a reason why this gift idea has been a dilemma dealer for so many decades. Unless you are allergic, there’s really no better feeling for your soul than savoring the essence of the chocolate that melts on your taste buds. Such a thought free and thoughtful gift item at the same time, cheese and/or chocolate box for your employees is sure to refine their moods during office hours. 8. Incense Candle stick pack: An aromatic fragrance can decipher half of your stress and the worker is energized with a whole new spirit. Even for home use, an incense candle stick refreshes the whole vibe and your guest is sure to think of you when he relishes the relaxation of a stress-free surrounding. 9. A fitness watch: What better way to let your employees know that you care than giving them such a utilitarian item. Now, of course, you don’t want to gift each guest an Apple smart watch, that itself would likely cost more than the whole party budget. A large variety of highly functional watches are available however, that efficiently test your pulse rate, calorie count, daily distance covered and so much more. A fitness watch really is a nifty offering. 10. Personal USB Fan: The fact of the matter is, no two people are going to feel equally comfortable with the workplace temperature. Even if your office has AC installation, use of a thermostat and other similar machines means that some workers would definitely not mind an extra source of breeze. For them, why not offer a personal USB fan that usually costs less than

  3. $10, streams out a cool breeze non-stop and takes up a minuscule space. The gift is especially suited for workers without the luxury of an AC. Best Event Organisation in Singapore Are you looking to host an office party and need the assistance of professional event organisers in Singapore? We at MTM Events have you covered for all your event queries. Our vast range of services include Event Planning & Management for a variety of events such as- CORPORATE EXHIBITIONS CONFERENCES ROADSHOWS TEAM BUILDING GALA DINNERS AWARDS CELEBRATION PRODUCT LAUNCHES THEME DINNER FUNCTIONS LIVE CONCERTS PRIVATE FUNCTIONS/PARTIES WEDDINGS