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Restaurant Vocabulary English, Arabic, Spanish

Restaurant Vocabulary English, Arabic, Spanish. By Ebtisam ALQahtani Hanan Aifan Marta Katia Rocio. The Purpose of the collaborative Project. To help foreign learners to acquire and learn the most used English vocabulary at the restaurant

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Restaurant Vocabulary English, Arabic, Spanish

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  1. Restaurant VocabularyEnglish, Arabic, Spanish By Ebtisam ALQahtani Hanan Aifan Marta Katia Rocio

  2. The Purpose of the collaborative Project To help foreign learners to acquire and learn the most used English vocabulary at the restaurant To Translate English words used at the restaurant into Arabic and Spanish and vice versa To accompany the words with their images in order to enlarge their understanding To motivate their attention while using these tutorials

  3. Top Ten Resources 1. Top Ten English Teaching : http://www.topenglishteaching.com 2.Most used words in restaurant : http://www.johnsesl.com/templates/vocab/restaurant.php 3.Eating out vocabulary: http://www.learnenglish.de/vocabulary/eatout.htm 4. Ordering in a restaurant: http://www.englishpage.com/vocabulary/interactivelesson4.html 5. ESL lessons about Food: http://www.eslflow.com/foodrestaurantlessonplans.html 6. English Vocabulary Exercise http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/vocabulary/lefg3_vocabulary3.html 7.English Conversation at Restaurant : http://englishconversations.org/tag/restaurant/ 8.vocabulary for restaurant: http://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/vocabulary_for_restaurants 9.English Conversation at Restaurant : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBSRtjbO2o8 10.Restaurant: http://www.ac-nancy-metz.fr/enseign/anglais/henry/resto.htm

  4. Our Tutorials • Inspiration: To Inspire and motivate the learners, • we have created diagram using inspiration 8 Software • Photoshop Animation: slides show images contain the Arabic and English words to cerate an exciting slides • E toys Program: our basic tutorial to help the learners get feedback about their understanding and learn from their mistakes • Video: illustrates some common words that the learners can use when they go to the restaurants, to link the pictures, sounds , and written words together to help the learners easily retain the knowledge

  5. Theories reflect our tutorials • Inspiration: “Educators should use teaching methods that actively engage students and present challenges” (Piaget, 1929) • Photoshop Animation: “Information that is being represented to receives more processing than other stimuli/events. Their theory also supports the finding that we remember things that are important to us because this requires more processing than meaningless stimuli. ( Carik and Lockhart, 1979) • E toys: “when a procedure cannot be performed, a standoff occurs and the individual applies various strategies to defeat the standoff.(VanLehn, 1980) “Students are given opportunities to practice each objective and obtain feedback about the quality of their performance” (Mager ,1984) • Video: “information that includes strong visual images or many associations with accessible knowledge will be processed at a deeper level” ( Carik and Lockhart, 1979)

  6. Our Home Page at the Wiki Sitehttp://restaurantvocabulary.pbworks.com/ • Participants • Top Ten Resources • Tutorial • Inspiration • Photoshop Animation • E toys • Tutorial images • Video

  7. How Did our Group Communicate • E- Mail • Skype • Adding Comments on Wiki

  8. How can we improve communication ? Using Wiki more since it enable users to add, edit, change, and get benefits from the other perspectives, resources and ideas.

  9. Thanks….. Questions??…….

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