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  1. 學生優良作品 ---by Julia Shih Book Report A letter to the teacher

  2. Book Report Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. ─資優 240 廖櫻美(Victoria 2002.8) Saving Private RyanAre ─資優 240 田雅汶(Annie 2002.8) The Mysterious Island ─資優 240 林佑蒔(Helen 2002.8) The Wind in the Willows ─資優 240 林怡伶(Lillian 2002.8)

  3. A letter to the teacher 333 方祺(Sherry 2002.8) 342 羅于婷(Jennifer 2002.8) 333 詹若涵(Rita 2002.8) 342 楊芳毓(Becky 2002.8) 333 韋佩成(Tiffany 2002.8) 342 趙倚靈(Elaine 2002.8) 333 吳宜軒(Helen 2002.8) 342 林宛蓉(Vivian 2002.8) 240 郭乃華(Nancy 2002.9) 342 林文瑛(Wendy 2002.8) 240 廖櫻美(Victoria 2002.9)

  4. Book Report of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Class 240 No. 28 Name Victoria Liao Book Name: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Author: Judy Blume Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. Main Idea: Margaret Simon has moved to New Jersey from New York when she was eleven-going-on-twelve. And no one ever told her that it could be such a hard age when she has to adjust to life in the suburbs, a different school, and a whole new group of friends. Not only the surroundings were changing, but she also found out that she was changing day by day, and there are some things about growing up that are hard to talk about, even with your best friends. So Margaret finds someone else to share her secrets with her: Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. I can’t wait until two o’clock God. That’s when our dance starts. Do you think I’ll get Philip Leroy for a partner? It’s not so much that I like him as a person God, but as a boy he’s very handsome. And I’d love to dance with him…just once or twice. Thank you God.

  5. My Opinion: Judy Blume really got the idea of how we girls think. Even after more than 20 years the book is still as popular as when it was published. My 7th grade English teacher introduced it to me and she told me she had read it so many times when she was about my age. She is now 31 years old and she still kept it. Me, too, enjoyed reading this book very much. These girls (Margaret and her friends) shared their secrets of growing up: boys, wearing bras, and confusions of growing… They’re very curious and sometimes I wondered how did they get those incredible ideas. Under Blume’s sensitive and humor descriptions the four girls carried unforgettable memories which might influenced them a lot during their 6th grade daily life, she did well creating the spirit and personality of every character by using simple language. Following the story sometimes I thought these girls are very “38”, but truly I often dreamed and wondered like they did. I just didn’t share it with anybody, because I was afraid they might tell. While reading the book I missed my best friend, Karin, very much. She moved to America in 2000. We used to share our secrets like them (since now I have no one to share with, I thought I can share it with god, maybe). I really hoped that she didn’t immigrate. I had read this book for four times before I started writing this book report. This is not the kind of book that gives you the kind that you can learn yourself and explore your deepest portion of mind while reading inspirations or hard-to-understand information, which always sounds like lecturing. It’s, of course, no boring sentences bothering but pleasures being found. I felt part of it and it ended up like I’m going to 7th grade with Margaret. I think I might keep it for a long time like my English teacher did, I have to say it again at last that it is an absolutely wonderful story! I suggest you to try this book no matter what age you are and sure it won’t disappoint you!

  6. Saving Private Ryan Main idea: Thousands of kilometers from this Normandy beach ,a mother will soon receive terrible news . Three of her four sons are dead ,victims of the war. The pentagon comes to a quick decision . The fourth brother must come home safely ,if it is not too late . The task of bringing him from the killing fields is given to Captain Miller and his men . But can they save them ?Can they save themselves ? My opinion: When the White House know the four Brothers’ story . They were not hesitate d ,they decided fast to rescue Ryan . When some of another solders to rescue ,they experience a lot of difficult things . Include how to rescue Ryan . Although they experience difficulties , Nevertheless they never abandon .They’re spirit let us to learn and imitate .And Ryan ’s family gave Ryan a lot of encourage and helped him to forgot the bad recollect .To let Ryan live happily . 24007 Annie

  7. The Mysterious Island -Jules Verne Helen 24024 Main idea: There are four men, a boy and a dog in a balloon over the Pacific. They arrive on a strange island. They find a cave that can be their house. They have lived on the island for a long time. Every one learns a lot of skills of how to exist. One day, they meet an old man in the old man’s submarine. He helps them during the time and they appreciate him very much. Finally, they are helped by a ship and they come back to their country.

  8. My opinion: I like the novel very much because the story is very mysterious. When I read the book, I feel a little nervous. And it’s magnetic so I can’t stop reading. My favorite character is the boy whose name is Herbert. He is active in learning so he learns a lot of things from the other men. I also like the old man who is in the submarine. He is an ardent man. He always helps them, for instance, he gives them some medicine and food. After reading the story, I think there are lots of nice people and wonderful things in the world. We should always see the bright side in life.

  9. The Wind in the Willows Main Point This is a story of four friends – Toad, Rat, Mole, and Badger. Rat loves the river, Mole is afraid of things, and Badger likes to stay at home. But Toad is always looking for exciting new adventures. And some of their ideas are quite dangerous! Rat, Mole, and Badger have to stop Toad doing stupid things. But can they stop him? Can they change his thoughts?

  10. My opinion What are the thing people want most? I think that would be friends. In this story, Rat, Mole, and Badger want to help Toad to have some change in his mind. And they did it! Friendship can make a person change! Maybe some people are in doubt, but that is just because they haven’t met their true real friends. About this story, I also think Toad’s behaviors are like the young person in the present age – they are too arrogant! They always do some dangerous things and forget to think over the consequences. The poorest people are their parents; always deal with their problems, again and again. I think it’s time to teach them how to handle and solve things. That can make them grow and then society will grow, too. That’s what I thought.

  11. Dear Julia, Aug.20 Did you relax your mind in two weeks? Did you have a lot of fun? Summer vacation has already been over, and my pressure is getting heavier and heavier. Because I only have two hundred eighty-five days to study hard for “BC test.” I’m afraid of taking this big test next year because I am not good at many subjects, like history, math and chemistry. But people say if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again. And my mom always tell me “You’ll never know what you can do till you try.” So I’ll study harder and harder to take the “BC test.” Is that right? Can you tell me some methods to study better and better? Sincerely yours, Sherry

  12. Dear Julia, Aug19 How are you? I am fine. I am now in my third year of junior high, I have become busier because there are more and more tests every week, especially in English. There have been many good times and bad times during my junior high school days. I was not very good in some subject like math and history. After the tests, I was usually embarrassed about my poor grades. But when my friends ask me how I learned my English. I tell them I have a sweet English teacher. She gives me a lot of homework and tests, but I take them very happily. My teacher always tells me knowledge is power and time is money. These sentences are very useful. I like listening to music, like classical music and popular music, and I like some singers, especially A-mei and Yan-zi. I have all their photographs, records, although they cost much money. Sometimes I play computer games in the afternoon. When I touch the computer, it didn’t work, so my brother told me I am a computer witch and he is very worried about his computer, why am I? In the end, this is the right time, once in a lifetime. Best wishes Your students Rita 33328

  13. Dear Julia, Aug.27 My family and I went to Shanghai and Hong Kong during the last two weeks of the summer vacation. Next semester, I’m going to be in the third grade, and I’ll have a lot of things to do for getting ready for senior high school; therefore, I went there to relax with my family. That’s great. We had so many delicious food in Shanghai. Mom took the visiting cards for being there again. There is no earthquake in Shanghai, so we can see multistory everywhere. It’s much modernized than here we are. We went to the Ocean Park after we arrived in Hong Kong. There were not only many animals but also many exciting amusements. Unfortunately, I didn’t play any of them because I was afraid of playing alone without my parents, and they were scared to go with me as well. It was a nice trip that ended this summer vacation perfectly; however, I’ll see what’s going on out there in the third grade. Study hard, answer right. Best wishes Love Tiffany 33323

  14. Dear Julia: Aug27 How are you? How was your summer vacation? Did you have a good time with your family? I’m very worried about my studies now. Because I took a trip to Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Kenting two weeks ago, and I enjoy there a lot. When I went back to Taipei, I got a big cold. So I didn’t read any book and done any homework. There’s no time that I can do the homework and prepare for the test‧‧‧‧I’m so sad now. Anyway Sincerely Yours Helen 33318

  15. Dear Miss Shih, Aug.19 I’d like to introduce a funny story to you .The writer is David True. The title is ”THE RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX”. This story is talking about a boy Zack. He took a trip to Egyptian with his parents. Because he met a cat, and it’s the bigger, most beautiful cat just like a little lion. And he recognized an Egyptian boy, Abdul. He looked young, but his eyes looked a little older. “What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night?” Abdul asked Zack a riddle, but he didn’t know the answer. Zack helped Abdul find his missing cat, so they went into the Spinx. When they got down on their knees and crawled under the rock. Zack knew the answer. “The riddle. It’s man. Man walks on four legs as a baby. Then as a young man, he walks on two legs. As an old man, using a cane, he walks on the three legs.” Zack said. And Abdul gave he a prize. It was a scarab. Suddenly there was an earthquake, and they fell into the library under the front of Spinx. In there they found Abdul’s cat, and then Zack knew Abdul and his cat are the Spinx. Last Zack promised to Spinx. Didn’t disappoint to depending on his people. I hope you like this story. Best wishes, Jennifer 342-11

  16. Dear Miss Shih, Sep. 2 I read the book “Fly Away Home” before school starts. This book says Amy finds a nest of Goose’s eggs. The geese follow her all the time. Because they think she is their mother. But now the geese must fly south for the winter. Amy and her father must help them fly away home … This book is interesting. When I open the book, I read it as far as the story finishing. The story is easy. There isn’t too many new words in the story. It told me many message. I thought it is great! Best Wishes 24020 Nancy Kuo

  17. Dear Miss Shih, Hi! I’m Becky. How are you ? Did you have a nice summer vacation?How is Christine? Did she have a nice vacation,too? I want to see her. She is so cute…… I want to talk about English. I really like English. Learning English is fun.And I like to watch English movies and listen to English songs. But I think my English isn’t very good. So I have to study English very hard. I think you are a good English teacher. You teach very well. I hope to become an English teacher some day. Just like you. I wish my dreams will come true. Best Wishes, Becky

  18. Dear Miss Shih,                                 Aug 24 I want to tell you my hobbies. Among my many hobbies, my favorite thing is reading, especially readingbiographies. I learn many things from biographies. Forexample, they can teach me how to choose my aim inlife and how to succeed at it. When I have troubles,reading a biography gives me confidence and help me tosolve my problems.Best Wishes                                  Elaine(34223)

  19. Dear teacher, August,29,2002 How is it going? As you know,I am studying every day for the coming semester. As the test day draws closer, I have to admit that I feel more and more nervous. The goal that I have set for myself this year is to attend a good senior high school. The first step in attaining my goal is to make a study plan.This should improve my study habits into action. Each day I have to check whether I have followed my plan. Brushing up what I have learned is the most important. With the entrance examination fast approaching, I have to use my time well and study as hard and efficiently as possible. If I observe the above steps,I will accomplish my goal of getting into a good senior high school. By the way I wish you have a happy summer vacation with your family! Sincerely, Wan Ruan 34226

  20. Dear Julia, Aug. 19 Mon How are you? I'm fine, but in this summer vacation I am very busy. I felt a little tired. Do you like music, Julia? I like them very much. They are just like my friends. When I'm sad or angry, they can make me happy, and I can forget the bad feeling. I still remember “When You Believe” this song clearly, It's from “The Prince of Egypt.” It's a cartoon. Why do I love this song? Because it's very pretty and cool. I also like Chinese music. Some of the younger people think it's too old, but I don't think so. I can play or enjoy it in my free time, and have a lot of fun. Now I want to say, "Thank you, Julia,. You've taught me English for two years. I’ve learned a lot in junior high school." Best Wishes Wendy 34213

  21. Dear Miss Shih, You have been teaching me for one year, through the year, I improved my English, especially grammar. But I still have problems, especially when I’m doing the translating part in a test at school, it often confuses me because I always think in English and had never thought in Chinese then translate into English before I started junior high. So is there any way to help me on that? Thank you very much. Also, I’m learning French by myself, I chose French as my second foreign language only because it sounds graceful, but I’m not quite sure if it’s useful. I learn it by myself because I couldn't’t find a teacher. I asked the language-training center in Taiwan University, yes, they do have French classes but you must be at least 18 to take the lessons. And learning without a teacher at the beginning is very hard, so I don’t know what to do now. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’d be super glad to hear your reply.   Thank you for reading this letter and teaching me for the past one year. 240 Victoria