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Fairfield Pharmacy | Murrays Pharmacy PowerPoint Presentation
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Fairfield Pharmacy | Murrays Pharmacy

Fairfield Pharmacy | Murrays Pharmacy

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Fairfield Pharmacy | Murrays Pharmacy

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  1. Murrays Pharmacy

  2. About Us Murrays Pharmacy is a leading award winning community pharmacy group and healthcare provider with pharmacies across the UK, mainly in community and health centre locations. We employ over 230 staff across 25 pharmacy locations, including specialist mobility aid centres.

  3. Our Services We’ve launched a range of innovative and affordable services aimed at improving community health, such as Healthy Living Pharmacy, NHS Health Check, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Dosettes, Weight Management, Alcohol Screening Services, Smoking Cessation, Mobility Aids, Flu Vaccinations and Travel Medicines/Advice. 

  4. Aromatherapy You can create your own atmosphere in your surroundings by the subtle use of oils. Burn Lavender and you will produce a relaxing ambiance, Bergamot will remove the smell of tobacco smoke, Lemongrass will invigorate you, and as for YlangYlang – well that can help to spice up your personal relationship with that special someone in your life.

  5. Homeopathy Homeopathic medicines act in quite a different way to traditional or Allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicines work by directly treating the symptoms of the illness. Homeopathic medicines work by mimicking the illness-this in turn acts as a trigger for the bodies own healing forces to come into play

  6. Herbal Medicines Murray’s was one of the first pharmacies to develop expertise in Herbal Medicines. We felt that the public needed professional advice. Erroneously people thought that herbs were always safe but you only have to consider what would happen to you if you took a dose of Deadly Nightshade to realise that the effect could be deadly.

  7. Tea Tree Balm This natural antiseptic essential oil is found only in the leaf of a native tree to Australia, a particularly rare species indigenous to one small part of the world – the North East coastal region of New South Wales. Pure oil is extracted from the leaves using advanced steasmtechnology.

  8. Contact Us 4 Lowndes Road, Stourbridge WestMidlands, DY8 3SS 01384 445600