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ERK Signaling

Ag. Integrins. TGR-CD3 Complex. CaCn. EGFR. N. SHC. C. GRB2. GRB2. PYK2. ZAP70. AC. RTK. SOS. SHC. EPAC. VHR. GTP. GTP. G b. G a. G g. SOS. SOS. PLC b. PLC g. LAT. Rap1. PKA. PAK. Src. FAK. MKP. FAK. KSR. Raf1. PKC. MP1. c-Raf. Rac. PI3K. PP1/ PP2. MNK1/2.

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ERK Signaling

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  1. Ag Integrins TGR-CD3Complex CaCn EGFR N SHC C GRB2 GRB2 PYK2 ZAP70 AC RTK SOS SHC EPAC VHR GTP GTP Gb Ga Gg SOS SOS PLCb PLCg LAT Rap1 PKA PAK Src FAK MKP FAK KSR Raf1 PKC MP1 c-Raf Rac PI3K PP1/PP2 MNK1/2 GPCR P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P IKKa MEKK1 B-Raf MEK1/2 A-Raf ERK1/2 IkBDegradation IkBa p90RSK NF-kB NF-kB 2009 ProteinLounge.com c-Myc SAP1/2 MSK1/2 ESR Elk1 p53 c-Jun HistoneH3 ATF1 HMG14 CREB STAT1/3 c-Max c-Fos UBF BAD BRF1 Ras Ets Ca2+ Ca2+ Pax6 SRF GrowthFactors Cytokines Hormones,Neurotransmitters ECM cAMP EGFRSignaling DAG ERK Signaling Translation Raf Cell Survival ProliferationTumorigenesisDifferentiationDevelopmentCell SurvivalMigration Translation MLCK Calpain GeneExpression GeneExpression GeneExpression C

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