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Graphic Design Principles PowerPoint Presentation
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Graphic Design Principles

Graphic Design Principles

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Graphic Design Principles

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  1. (02) 846 4522 | Graphic Design Principles In obtaining web design development services, it is important that your company considers the graphic design services included in web design packages. Graphic design is an essential element in the success of a website. It adds value to the overall aesthetics and appearance of a page, thus elevating the chances of attracting more online visitors and clients. Alignment Aligning design elements properly helps eliminate chaos. The way texts and graphics are aligned with each other make the page layout more appealing to the viewer. More importantly, proper alignment guides the eyes and allows easier reading of texts.

  2. Hierarchy When designing multiple elements, it is important to emphasize the message you want to convey. A hierarchy can be accomplished in various ways: – Using larger or bolder fonts; – using shapes to frame the central idea; and| – placing the most significant message in a higher position than other design elements. The key is to accurately weigh the importance of each element that you will incorporate into the design. Balance Proper arrangement of elements gives the design a professional and attractive appearance. Balance means evenly distributing each element across the page to create a logical flow for the overall appearance. Proximity Proximity creates a relationship between elements. It means grouping design components together to guide the viewers. It can also mean connecting elements visually by color, font, and size, among others. Contrast Design contrast adds emphasis on the most important elements. This can be done by using different shades of colors, different text sizes, varying shapes, etc. Contrast also helps elements to stand out. Color One of the most crucial tasks of graphic designers is to choose the colors which best communicate the mood and message of the design. Each color has a different meaning. Hence, graphic designers must carefully choose which colors to combine and use.

  3. White Space White space is an eye breather. It helps give clarity to the design. It also allows other elements to stand out, and guides the reader to focus on the central message. Graphic design principles are significant in design creation and in effective communication of a project’s message. At Mystech Dynamics, our graphic design team produces visually appealing content tailor-made for your brand. Partner with us now and we will take your website up a higher level in the marketing arena. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about web design and development or would like us to guide you through implementing or customizing your website, keep in mind that the first step to successful brand marketing is to captivate your audience.