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Online transfers

Online transfers

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Online transfers

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  1. Colegio Universitario de Caracas Programa Nacional de Formación en Informática Trayecto IV Trimestre III Sección 1 Turno Mañana Online transfers Greiverd Garcia Castro Gilbery Santaella Ronny Yánez Pedro Pérez Israel

  2. Issuing transfers over the Internet is becoming a more used option than transfers made at the bank's office window, the steps are as follows:

  3. Moment 1 • Register in the Online Platform of theBankingEntity Within this record we have to indicate our personal data, create a User, Password, Personal Mail Registry and Phone Number. After this we must create security methods (key coordinates, security questions and restrictions on transfers), which could be used to manipulate and securely manage transactions made

  4. Moment 2 • RegisterAccount to whichthe Transfer will be made To initiate a bank transfer, it is necessary that we obtain the data created previously. We proceed to indicate the data of the account of the user to whom it is desired to carry out the transfer. These data are: Name, identity document, Bank name, Account number, type of account and mail of the person.

  5. Moment 3 • Makethetransfer Once theaccountisregistered, the transfer ismade. You must select the registered account to which you want to perform the operation. The amount that we want to transfer is entered The information provided is confirmed

  6. Moment 4 • Security Confirmation After entering the necessary information we find the security of the process, where the user must indicate through the registered security methods that he agrees to carry out the operation. These methods can be: Sending a digital code to approve the operation Answer the security questions provided at the time of registration Confirm the information of the products that you have with the bank (Debit or Credit Cards, Checkbooks or notebooks)

  7. Moment 5 • Finishtheoperation Once thesecurityprocessiscompleted, theoperationisaccepted and itsendsus a formatcalledpaymentreceiptwhereit shows ustheinformation of theoperation. The same can be sent by mail, or print a file in PDF format